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7 reasons why you should visit the Serengeti at least once in your life

For many the name Serengeti is synonymous with safari and when deciding where to go on your African safari, it often ranks amongst the top destinations. Visiting Tanzania for the first time and skipping the Serengeti? Unthinkable.

By |20th June 2018| Last updated on 1st December 2021 | Travel Tips|2 Comments

12 stunning photos: Tarangire National Park at its finest

You have heard of the Serengeti, everyone has, and chances are you have come across mentioning of the famous Ngorongoro Crater as well – but Tarangire National Park? Tarangire may well be the most underrated national park in Tanzania. The park close to Arusha is the first stop for many safari goers in the northern circuit as it’s “on the way” to the Serengeti and Crater.

By |6th June 2018| Last updated on 1st December 2021 | Photography, Travel Tips|1 Comment

On safari with Enock: time to enjoy the small moments

Enock has been part of the Tanzania-Experience team since 2013; his vast knowledge and great humour have made him a favourite with our guests. As safari guide he is at home in the national parks and out and about most of the time – we caught up with him when he popped in at the office to find out what keeps him going.

By |23rd May 2018| Last updated on 1st December 2021 | Tanzania through the eyes of our guides|0 Comments

A photographic trip along Machame Route

Machame Route is one of the most scenic routes to the Roof of Africa. We’ll take you from the gate to the top and back on our photographic journey along the Machame Route.

By |9th May 2018| Last updated on 5th June 2018 | Photography, Travel Tips|0 Comments

A family safari: what to keep in mind when going on safari with children

Travelling to East Africa and going on a safari is certainly a special and memorable experience for the whole family. Few places will get you this close to nature and show your children a world incomparable to what they know from home. That being said, I know from my own experience, that there are a few things, you should consider before going on a family safari in Tanzania.

By |25th April 2018| Last updated on 1st December 2021 | Travel Tips|0 Comments

Electronics on Kilimanjaro: what you really need on your climb

On your way to the Roof of Africa you don’t want to carry unnecessary ballast. While porters carry your food, your tent and other equipment, you will have to carry your own day pack. Admittedly, compared to what the porters heft up the mountain, your day pack is rather negligible. But schlepping up what you don’t need is still out of the question.

By |11th April 2018| Last updated on 8th November 2021 | Travel Tips|0 Comments

Choosing a tour operator in Tanzania: what to look out for when deciding on a safari operator

Choosing the right tour operator for your safari in Tanzania or any other country will be one of the most important decisions you make before going on your trip. Book with a legitimate business and they will take you on an epic trip of a lifetime.

By |28th March 2018| Last updated on 8th November 2021 | Travel Tips|0 Comments

The best lodges for families in Tanzania: where to stay on a family safari

Going on safari as a family is a very special experience. Spending time in nature offers a break from daily schedules and an opportunity to bond and make family memories together.

By |14th March 2018| Last updated on 1st December 2021 | Travel Tips|0 Comments

Our Mobile Explorer Camp: behind the scenes of a mobile safari

Venturing out into the wild, staying at an unfenced private campsite in the middle of the bush, separated only by the canvas of your tent from hyenas and elephants passing by at night – that’s a private mobile safari in our Mobile Explorer Camp. What sounds like and indeed is a great adventure assumes an even greater amount of trust.

By |28th February 2018| Last updated on 1st December 2021 | Travel Tips|0 Comments

Architects of the animal kingdom: the weaverbird

Right in front of our operations office, there stands a large tree. Letting your imagination kick in, it could even look like a wild Christmas tree. Round balls hang from the branches, beige, green and brown in colour. Looking closely, you will see that these are birds’ nests, weaver birds to be exact. This family of sparrow-like birds is known throughout Sub-Saharan Africa for its impressive nest building skills.

By |14th February 2018| Last updated on 5th November 2021 | Animals & Plants|0 Comments