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Here’s why Tanzania will always top the safari charts

Tourism in Tanzania took a bit of a dip back in 2015, in part due to largely misinformed fears about Ebola (which was almost entirely limited to a few countries in West Africa). But Tanzania’s numerous stunning wild spaces and tourist attractions certainly didn't lose any of their shine, and with the fear of Ebola snuffed out, arrival numbers were up by 10% in 2016 compared to the previous year.

By |19th July 2017| Last updated on 3rd November 2022 | Animals & Plants, People & Culture, Travel Tips|0 Comments

How to take great pictures on your Tanzania safari – Part II

In part I on how to take great pictures on your Tanzania safari, we explained the importance of light, composition and perspective for memorable safari photos. Let’s continue our journey in quest of great safari images!

By |22nd June 2017| Last updated on 1st December 2021 | Photography, Travel Tips|0 Comments

How to take great pictures on your Tanzania safari – Part I

For many Tanzania safari-goers, taking great pictures is a primary goal. Visitors will quickly learn that Tanzania is an incredibly photogenic country, and with cameras becoming ever more accessible, affordable and user-friendly, going home with pictures that look fit for National Geographic is certainly a very attainable goal.

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See Tanzania at its finest on Instagram

Sometimes, words can struggle to do justice to the awe-inspiring landscapes, the iconic wildlife, the fascinating people, the interesting history, the vibrant culture, and the overall feeling of Tanzania. So we thought we'd show you the very best of our beloved Tanzania on Instagram instead, and let the country speak for itself through these fabulous images.

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