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Through his work on the websites and with the offered tours, our webmaster is learning more and more about eastern Africa. Thereupon, he has been on safari in Kenya and Tanzania repeatedly, climbed the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro and third-highest peak of Mt Kenya and visited the sandy beaches by the Indian Ocean. He also lives and works in Tanzania. Not only does he know HTML, he speaks German, English, is almost fluent in Kiswahili and have basic knowledge of Zulu. Feedback about the website is welcomed by the webmaster.

Tanzania in October – all you need to know

October is a fantastic month to visit Tanzania. Along the beautiful Swahili coastline, the weather is perfect for a tropical beach getaway or island hopping along the Zanzibar archipelago. Inland, safari goers will witness the dramatic final month of the dry season, where a vast array of wildlife never strays far from the last remaining water sources.

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Tanzania: Where to go on safari, and why it matters where you go

Where to go on safari in Tanzania? We share selected destinations and national parks all over Tanzania and explain why it matters where you go. Discover the country’s biodiversity, its extinct volcanoes and grass-covered savannas.

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My 5 favourite tented camps in Tanzania

On a recent trip around the country, our colleague and travel expert Natascha visited numerous accommodations in Tanzania’s stunning wilderness areas. Inspired and knowledgeable about which tented camps she recommends to her guests, she shares her favourite 5 with us.

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A Kilimanjaro scenic flight: higher than the Roof of Africa

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and summiting the highest free-standing mountain in the world is a bucket list adventure for many. But you’re on the go, don’t have much time, feel not quite fit enough or simply can’t get your head around not showering for a week? Not a problem.

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On camping safari: Guest Relations Officer Eugene Masinde takes a break from the rest of the world

Do you want to go camping and spend seven days in Tanzania’s Great Outdoors? Our new colleague and Guest Relations Officer Eugene didn’t have to think twice before answering with a resounding: Yes! And off he went in mid-February to go on our Tanzania – The Wild Side camping safari.

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Ten years of Tanzania-Experience: from bumpy beginnings to one of the most successful tour operators in the country

For more than ten years, our team has welcomed travellers from around the world to Tanzania, taking them on unforgettable safaris, climbing with them the highest mountain in Africa and showing them the nicest spots under the sun at the Indian Ocean. Cofounder and Managing Director Henning Schmidt looks back and ahead.

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The spice tour – what to expect from Zanzibar’s classic tour

If you travel to Zanzibar, you are bound to go on a spice tour. And you should look forward to it! You will learn where the spices come from that you use so naturally when preparing your everyday meal at home.

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Matemwe Beach – Our insider tip on Zanzibar

White sandy beaches, palm trees and the Indian Ocean as far as you can see, that’s Matemwe in north-eastern Zanzibar. The small village is loved by locals and travellers for its seemingly never-ending wide and romantic beach.

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Getting to know the most well-known people of Tanzania – a visit to the Olpopongi Maasai Village

The Maasai are probably the most well-known of the about 130 peoples in Tanzania. They live a seminomadic life and are known to uphold their traditions and customs despite modern life’s influences. Some Maasai villages welcome visitors to introduce them to their way of life. The Olpopongi Maasai Village is one of them.

Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – 800 Zanzibaris preserve their heritage

The tropical island in the Indian Ocean is known for its idyllic beaches, breath-taking diving spots, stunning nature and rich spice culture. Relaxation, that's the main reason for a holiday on the island. The name “Zanzibar” in itself awakens dreams of a tropical paradise.

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