About Webmaster

Through his work on the websites and with the offered tours, our webmaster is learning more and more about eastern Africa. Thereupon, he has been on safari in Kenya and Tanzania repeatedly, climbed the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro and third-highest peak of Mt Kenya and visited the sandy beaches by the Indian Ocean. He also lives and works in Tanzania. Not only does he know HTML, he speaks German, English, is almost fluent in Kiswahili and have basic knowledge of Zulu. Feedback about the website is welcomed by the webmaster.

Top 5 lodges and hotels in Zanzibar – recommendations from our sales manager

Tanzania-Experience Sales Manager Alexander recently swapped his desk and computer for the white beaches of Zanzibar to see for himself which accommodation is the perfect fit for which type of traveller – because we only sell what we know.

5 things to pack for Kili: a girl’s guide

Preparing to climb to 5985m in Africa is half the fun. Packing for this trek of a lifetime should also be fun. To summit Mt Kilimanjaro takes some determination, a sense of humor and a few clever items in your backpack. Here is my Top-5 of things for girls to pack to tackle the highest mountain in Africa.

Support for the Nkoanekoli Secondary School

Earlier this year, the staff from Tanzania-Experience went to visit the Nkoanekoli Secondary School which we have been supporting for the last few years. The aim of the visit was not only to give our staff a better idea of the school, but also to see the progress that has been made since our last donation.

Project: “Raising Awareness” Programme 2014

Some 60 schoolchildren from Tanzania recently experienced a safari for the first time in their lives. Sponsored by Tanzania-Experience, guides and photographer Taher Nassrulla took 60 pupils and 10 teachers from the Nkonekoli secondary school on a full-day safari to the Arusha National Park. None has ever been to this park.

Tanzania Experience Launches Unique New Luxury Camping Safari

Boasting iconic, picturesque and game-rich destinations such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, a tour around Tanzania’s Northern Circuit is a dream come true for safari enthusiasts.Now Tanzania Experience has launched a unique new product that allows clients to enjoy these safari stalwarts from a more intimate and unadulterated perspective.

Kilimanjaro | by Alexandra Lindinger

We have anxiously been awaiting this day and now it is here – the beginning of our Tanzanian adventure. We say goodbye to the mother city and board our plane to Johannesburg O.R Tambo International Airport, one of the busiest airports in Africa. After a short stopover in Johannesburg, we continue to Dar es Salaam. It is almost midnight and we look forward to a little rest.

Serengeti National Park – The Great Migration | by Taher Nasrulla

Looking out over the endless plains, a few flat top acacias dotted here and there, all around you and as far as you can see, just animals and an orchestra of bellows and barks setting the tone. Take a step and suddenly you feel the ground vibrating with over 2 million animals on the move…This is the Great Migration.

Southern Tanzania & Zanzibar | by Luca Schmidt

Just about 5 hours after I departed from Johannesburg with the non-stop flight from Kulula, I arrive in Dar es Salaam. This small airline is only one of many that offer a fast and direct connection between the largest city in South Africa and the largest coastal town in Tanzania.