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How to take great pictures on your Tanzania safari – Part I

For many Tanzania safari-goers, taking great pictures is a primary goal. Visitors will quickly learn that Tanzania is an incredibly photogenic country, and with cameras becoming ever more accessible, affordable and user-friendly, going home with pictures that look fit for National Geographic is certainly a very attainable goal.

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The spice tour – what to expect from Zanzibar’s classic tour

If you travel to Zanzibar, you are bound to go on a spice tour. And you should look forward to it! You will learn where the spices come from that you use so naturally when preparing your everyday meal at home.

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Matemwe Beach – Our insider tip on Zanzibar

White sandy beaches, palm trees and the Indian Ocean as far as you can see, that’s Matemwe in north-eastern Zanzibar. The small village is loved by locals and travellers for its seemingly never-ending wide and romantic beach.

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Lake Manyara Treetop Walkway – go for a walk high above the ground

Towards the end of last year, big news reached us from Lake Manyara National Park: something totally new and unique had opened its doors, they said. So we went to find out for ourselves what all the fuss was about.

A day on a quad bike – dusty, bumpy, but what an adventure

I am always keen to try out different ways of exploring Tanzania, especially when you can experience it in a totally new perspective. Recently, I went on a day-trip to Lake Eyasi driving quad bikes!

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What to do in Mwanza City

Before visiting Mwanza, I always assumed it would be a laid back relaxed city with not much to do. I finally went to check it out recently – and was surprised. Our chosen accommodation was the Malaika Beach Resort, which is located some ten minutes from the airport.

4 Things to do in Arusha

Arusha is the biggest city in northern Tanzania and located at the foot of Mount Meru. Arusha is often regarded simply as the starting point for safaris or trekking tours, but the city offers much more than that. If you plan on staying in Arusha for a few days before or after your trekking tour or safari adventure, we have some tips for what to do in Arusha.

Stone Town – a step back in time

If you want to go back in time and experience life along the Swahili Coast at its most authentic, then Stone Town is a must. Amidst a maze of old houses, bazaars and shops, you feel as if you travelled back in time.

Camping safari – the adventurous holiday

When booking a safari in Tanzania, it is important to decide in which kind of accommodation you want to spend your holiday. If you are looking for comfort and convenience, a lodge safari is probably right up your alley. However, if you want to be a little closer to the action and experience nature first hand, it is best to book a camping safari.

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Enjoy traditional Tanzanian food on your safari

Imagine you have booked a trip to Tanzania and are excited to come and have an experience of a lifetime. What are the most important things on your list to experience? Probably the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar. You are excited to take pictures, not just a few but thousands or as many as it will take to capture those once in a lifetime moments.

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