Thank you!

We would like to thank our guests, colleagues, partners, friends, and family for generously providing us with images to showcase the Tanzanian experience on our website: (in alphabetical order) Ashnil Camps, Ewan Burger, Christopher Clark, Endoro Lodge, Flamingo Hill Camp, Frankfurt Zoological Society, Otis Gore, Josh John, Kirurumu Manyara Lodge, Evelyn Kuerz, Mara West Camp, Marinda Louw, Taher Nassrulla, Nimali Tarangire Camp, Ann-Kristina Roenchen, Rolf Rosenbaum, Christian Seifert, Stephan Schuff, Pablo Schmahl, Henning Schmidt, Luca Schmidt, Heinz Peter Schneider, Arno Snellenberg, Alexandra Stepien, Johannes Stupp, Tanganyika Wilderness Camps, Achim Wiebe.

We hope to not have forgotten anyone! If so, please contact us and we will complete the list right away.