Feedback from Sascha & Herold

Switzerland | 11.05.2008

We were looking for a 3 day safari in Northern Tanzania,as part of a total 10 day visit.

Together with daughter Natalie,who turns 14 this year.
We organised our own flights from Zürich to Dar es Salaam and back.

Tanzania Experience organised our inland flights to Kilimanjaro,
pick-up at the airport,transfer to Gibb’s Farm Lodge at Ngorongoro, to overnight.
One day trip to the Crater,back to Gibb’s Farm.
Next day Lake Manyara and than Arusha, sleep at the KIA Lodge at Kilimanjaro Airport and on the 4th day flight to Stone Town ,Zanzibar.
We took the challenge to go in the low-season and as we had been on Zanzibar before this time of the year,we knew it’ll only rain occasionally.

It paid off completely!

We arrived on the 20th of April,27 degrees and sun.
We had our own guide named ‘Wilson’ and our own Landrover for 3 days.
Wilson speaks very good English, Swahili and is working on his German. Knows how to drive,knows everything about the Flora and Fauna, knows the area upside-down and knows how to handle the people.
Gibb’s farm is beautiful!!! Best food in Africa and great hospitallity. If you like comfort,peace,nature and tropical excitement after a long journey, this is the place to be. On the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater in the middle of the rain-forest.
At night we had some scattered rain-showers but that makes the driving the next morning to an adventure. We were almost alone in the Ngorongoro,we saw another 4 Jeeps, imagine…
Sunny, not to hot, all these animals to see and all the time to make lovely pictures.
Next day at lake Manyara the same circumstances.

Later in the afternoon we had to do some shopping in Arusha and Wilson knew exactly where to go.
The KIA lodge at Kilimanjaro Airport is also an insider-tipp. Run by Dutch people,situated at the feet of the Kilimanjaro, in the middle of a tropical garden,clean and friendly people as everywhere in Tanzania.

All together a time we will never forget and we would like to thank Wilson for doing such a great job and advise everybody:Go to see Tanzania in April/May

Sascha, Natalie und Herold