Feedback from Lau Sum Yee

Hong Kong | 12.08.2009

Dear Holger, Henning and Achim,

“Seize the Day”, we often hear this cliché from the movie but don’t know what and how to seize it. Going up Kilimanjaro and opening our eyes to the spectacular safaris make us all seize every minutes during this trip.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for organizing such wonderful trip.

There are endless of people who work behind the scenes; such as porters, waiters; to whom we owe them a big thank.


After all, it is a precious experience to us all. Apart from the beauty
of the landscape or the achievement of Kilimanjaro, it is the people we have met along that touch our souls.

I sincerely hope your business prospers ever more under the principles of kindness to your employees and caring to your clients.

Cheng Mei Fung

Doo Sau Ying

Yang Siu Lin

Lau Sum Yee