Feedback from Family Snyder

United States | 11.04.2010

Hi there,

we just got back here after a 2 weeks’ vacation to the North of Tanzania and Zanzibar.
We and the children enjoyed every minute of this holiday. Our driver guide Mike was very knowledgeable and he has an incredible eye sight. Within four days we spotted three Leopards and plenty of Lions.


It was also amazing to witness the great migration in the Serengeti and the gnus giving birth. It made us and the children laugh, when they tried to stand up and stumbled around. The Lodges were very pleasant and children friendly. Especially to watch the sunset from the Ngorongoro Crater was stunning. Tanzania is indeed a very peaceful and magic place.

The last week we spent at a beach resort on the east coast of Zanzibar, with marvelous food and good service.


The island had also various attractions both on the coast & inland to keep our kids happy.
Thanks to all involved to make this trip an unforgettable one,

Family Snyder , P.A