Feedback from Petra Ryll

(translated from German into English)

Germany | 31.01.2011

Hallo Mrs Schmidt

We would to thank you again for our two and a half day safari. It was wonderful and everything was planned perfectly. I would also like to add that Boniface is an excellent guide. One gets the feeling that he really knows the animals well.


Now with our holiday already 6 weeks passed, we are still seeing everything in our minds’ eye and will never forget this experience. We see these two days as a ‘sample’ and have decided on a 7-day camping safari in 2013. Then it will be us and the Serengeti!


In any case, we would like to book with you again as we are very happy with your service. I have also seen that you offer beach holidays? Then we can directly book a combination of bush and beach?

Until then, best regards

Petra Ryll