Feedback from Lana & Vincent

Unknown location | 02.05.2013

This is to tell you that we have had a magnificent experience with our Safari this last February (2013) and that everything was as announced. No lack.

I would like to congratulate and thank especially Lazaro who was our driver during this trip (along with John).

Driver is indeed a very reducing function for what these guys are doing with your guests. It is obvious that their purpose goes way beyond driving us to different places; for sure they know lots about the game and where and when to find the animals (this is their guide function obviously), and it would greatly spoil the whole experience if they did not know this well.

But even beyond this, these guys are extremely good at making sure everything goes well for everyone on tour with them, that is an invaluable asset that only few people have a talent for;
As they are the only tangible and personal link between your organization and ourselves, I am sure you and your organization is aware of how sensitive this link is. All you can do probably is choosing these guys the best you can, give them your advices and training for dealing with a 24/24 hrs situation with people having high expectations, but then it is out of your hand (at least to an extent) and you can only hope all will go well and that your customers will be satisfied. Well, with these two guys at least, you can rest easy and safely.

Anyway, just to tell you that Tanzania Experience is good at making sure (through logistics you provide but more importantly through people representing it ie Lazaro and John) what it claims is delivered -and blind distance booking has a large part of gambling-; and I have already recommended you to some friends and acquaintances here since we got back.

Please forward this note of great appreciation to management as well as obviously to Lazaro and John + with the pictures attached herewith that we have taken while in Tanzania. An excellent leisure time memory for us.

Best to the whole Tanzania Experience team,

Lana & Vincent