Feedback from Francis deSouza

United Kingdom | 15.08.2013

In 2002 I planned a Safari for my whole family, none of whom had ever been to my country, Tanzania. It was a huge success
It was time to book another Safari for my now extended family, and I wondered if we could repeat the same success
We did, and it was all down to the patience and understanding of Tanzania Experience, the extremely good, friendly and interactive drivers, excellent lodges everywhere we stayed, sumptuous food and of course seeing the big5

Thanks to these coordinates we could pinpoint the distance from the equator

I had very preconceived ideas of where to go and what to do and some tour operators fell out of the running as we approached departure time. However Tanzania Experience “stayed with me all the way”, were very supportive and I would have no hesitation in recommending them!

Needless to say we had all had a “spectacularly brilliant” holiday