Feedback from Martin & Andrea

Dubai | 26.12.2013

…. back in so called ’civilization’ for 2 days and already fed up to the back of my teeth…. but one after the other

We (2) just arrived back to base after a 5 days private ‘Great Migration Safari’ booked on gut feeling directly with TZ Experience some weeks ago.
The time till we actually went to TZ was full with day to day routine and work so i wasn’t really able to look fwd to get a feeling of what we can expect, only one thing was for sure… i want Cats.. then i am happy (… yepp i got them all, in every way, shape and form one can dream of 🙂 )

After arrival late at Killi Airport on 18th we spent a night in Arumeru Lodge and after we ‘wasted’ the time of the owner we went exhausted but relaxed to bed.
Up to this point everything was already PERFECTLY arranged and this didn’t change at all through out the next 6 days. (German perfection, at least it seems we are good in something 😉 )

The next morning with breakfast out side and the first look thru a wonderful garden the Kilimanjaro appeared just in front of us and we have been told this is the first clear view since weeks…. and that actually seemed to be a sign for the next few days….

We received our verbal briefing and got pickup up by a nice and always smiling young gentlemen with the wonderful name of Tumaini which means ’HOPE’ (next sign?) who suppose to be our guide for the next 5 days with a degree in Wildlife Management (can anybody ask for more?, i doubt)

In short the day passed by at Lake Manyara and we saw already 1 of the big 5 and plenty of other animals and plants i have seen only in books or not at all and has end at a wonderful tented lodge on the edge of a hill above Lake Manyara…. View? BREATHTAKING!!

Next morning we headed on to Serengeti bypassing the Ngorongoro Crater and got already the taste of what the remainder days would be like… us still overwhelmed and in the dark.
Thousands of Wildebeests, Buffalos, Zebras right in front of us, ten thousands on the horizon and most likely beyond and we haven’t even entered the Serengeti National park. This was just on the border fm Ngorongoro Reserve at the south entrance to Serengeti… before lunch break… what else will come??

OK to cut it short, we saw them all… and i mean all! The next days where full and i mean EVERYDAY we saw a minimum of 4 of the Big 5 plus others such as a Cheetah, countless number of Giraffes, Zebras, Elephants, Buffalos…. On the last day even the 5th which was missing for PERFECTION… some Rhinos. We watched Lions, sleeping, chilling, at their Breakfast and in meeting, Ostriches dancing, Gazelles running, jumping kula bata and Monkeys being what they are known for, cheeky & funny. Elephants big and superior in appearance, Giraffes tall and beautifully signed, Hippos massiv and delicate at the same time, Crocs taking a sunbath etc etc etc

So now we are hot and cold, whats next?
For sure we will be back but what more, better or more spectacular of what we have experienced the last 5 days with our guide can we expect??
The questions stands till we are back … i only don’t know when and for how long… maybe for ever?

Thanks all for the wonderful, jaw dropping and eye watering moments, the guys (Jessica and others) in the background planning the Safari, Tumaini our Guide showing us a small part of his beautiful country and the lovely and always friendly, smiling local people we met through out the 7 days in TZ. This was PERFECTION AT ITS BEST….

I will never forget the nights in the tented KATI KATI Camp in the middle of nowhere in the Serengeti next to Buffalos and crying Hyaenas

Happy New Year and all the best
Martin & Andrea

P.S. Dear Tumaini a very special thank you again and some very special days next May

martinwait til I grow big