Feedback from Tom and Dee

Dubai | 25.02.2014


Thank you so much to the team at Tanzania Experience. We had a wonderful four days safari. The whole thing was organised brilliantly and ran without a hitch… apart from a bit of last minute car repair and a flat tyre in the Serengeti!! This just added to the fun of the experience and provided a couple of extra memories free of charge!

Our driver was Goodlove and from the outset he was friendly and engaging. As the trip went on we realised just how knowledgable he is for such a young guy. We can’t imagine anyone better to guide you through those wonderful parks. Even in the gaps between seeing all of the wonderful wildlife he kept us entertained… although we were so lucky that these gaps were very few and very short. We were fortunate enough to see all the “big five”. On the last day we had seen four of them before 8:30am!! I’m sure this is in no small part due to Goodlove’s expertise and skill as a guide.

Our only slight negative from the whole experience was the visit to the Masai village. The first lodge we had stayed in had been working with the Masai and we had learnt about there culture and enjoyed the experience. We had been encouraged not to give money to them as it promoted begging… not part of their traditional culture! During the safari we were then offered the chance to go to a Masai village to see some dancing and have a look at their huts etc. We were surprised to learn that this would cost $50… which we paid despite them asking for $70 when we showed money. The thing that we really didn’t enjoy, however, was one of the villagers repeatedly saying I had a “nice watch”, asking to see it and ultimately asking to keep it. We were also paraded in front of the school and the large collection box at the front which really felt like a begging exercise. I can’t imagine this doing much to help the traditional values that the Masai hold so dear and should be protected.

All that being said, we have some wonderful pictures dancing with the villagers and are glad we had the opportunity! It should also be pointed out that many other safari companies were taking their clients to this or other villages along the way. Perhaps we could have been told of this cost and given some information before the safari began.

Anyway, please don’t take this as in any way a negative review!!! It would still get 5* from us as a once in a lifetime experience. If you are thinking of going on Safari and reading these reviews then I would say I cannot recommend them strongly enough. We had a wonderful trip and were thoroughly impressed with the company and especially our wonderful driver. Do it…