Feedback from Kit Parks

United States | 25.02.2014

I had a marvelous experience with Tanzania-Experience and would highly recommend them to anyone.

I have the benefit of saying that they performed well in good times and in bad as my travel mate was injured the morning of the start of the safari and was not able to go due to risk of infection. They handled the problem and ensured the comfort of my friend for the whole week, allowing me to relax and enjoy the safari.

Our guide, Daniel, was outstanding and both he and our fabulous cook, Alicio, made the trip for us (I shared with another couple from Germany).

Daniel’s knowledge and love of the animals showed and he could point out animals on the horizon (including four black rhinos) which we were able to confirm with our binoculars. He was always patient when we wanted to stop and see something and would always check to make sure we were ready before he continued on. I’m sure after the long days of driving, that he must have been exhausted, but he never showed it and never rushed us. He always had a smile. I also appreciated his punctuality in leaving in the morning when he said to be ready.

I hate to tell you this, T-E (but you most assuredly know this), but Alicio belongs in a fine restaurant! How he managed to conjure such fabulous meals out of his Mary Poppins trunk, I’ll never know, but will always remember. We always looked forward to see what magic he would perform each night.

Thanks for creating a hall of famer memory! I hope to return one day.

P.S. My friend and I did the day trip to Olpopongi Village and would recommend it. I was worried that it would be too touristy