Feedback from Alison & Peter

South Africa | 03.04.2013

Good day

Peter H and I booked a tour with your company recently.

I am writing to commend your staff, Samson Cosmas, our driver and Peter, our cook, who prepared delicious meals with lovely fresh fruit or salad 3 times a day.


I was astonished at Samson’s knowledge, respect and understanding of the bush, fauna, flora and local culture. He was able to spot game no matter how well camouflaged they were to me and there was nothing he did not recognize or could not name. Including all the birds we saw!
Peter H himself is an avid bird watcher and has experience as a ranger so the banter was very entertaining.


Samson was able to answer questions on the behaviors of the different animals and species including things outside of that habitat.
Samson was good fun and great company on our trip. I have fantastic memories of my time in Tanzania.


Thank you very much and a special thank you to Peter and Samson.

Alison & Peter