Feedback from Elaine Schulz

Australia | 01.10.2014

19 Sept 2014, the 16 of us embarked on a three day journey to the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater.

Our guide/driver David was both professional, polite and a careful driver. In fact all three of the guides/drivers were very good as our truck had the only working charging facility we spent time having to track down the rest of our team to hand over the charged batteries for camera’s and swapping them for uncharged ones to charge up. David’s knowledge of the places and the animals was unbelievable and he was always happy to make sure that we all had the photographs that we wanted.

He had very good eyes and managed to spot animals that we would have missed. He was patient and gave a full explaination of the animals and the habitat and would pull out one of his books to show the pictures and the briefs about the animals that we were seeing. He was friendly and we had a lot of laughs along the way.

My three days both in the Serengeti and the crater were so much fun and I learned a lot, so much in fact that before I left Tanzania I purchased two books on African mammals and birds. Thank you to Tanzania Experience, I would love to come back again to see more of your beautiful country.

A special thank you to Wilson for his assistance in another matter, when we had issues with our other tour truck on the 17th September.
Your assistance was truly appreciated by us all and will never be forgotten.