Feedback from Jennifer Crisi and family

United States | 30.10.2014

Dear Alexander and Andrew,

I just want to say ‘thank you’. We had an absolutely fabulous safari. It was really a perfect family vacation. The camping was amazing (and comfortable), my teen girls were happy to be able to get showers, and we fell in love with Tanzania. We saw so many animals. Swai was an excellent guide for our family—he related well to all four kids and us.

Thank you so much—he really made the trip what it was.

Innocent was an awesome cook too. Honestly, I think his cooking was better than that of the nice hotels we had at either end of our safari.

Please forward this to Andrew Cowie, as I don’t have his email. We never met a tsetse fly either—the kids were terrified of the possibility the whole trip.

Thank you ,
Jennifer Crisi and family