Feedback from Nicole

Germany | 22.10.2015

Dear Tanzania Experience Team

Thank you very much for a wonderful and perfectly organised trip despite my numerous requests for amendments. Thanks also goes to the entire Tanzania-Experience team, my guides Saidi and Habibu, as well as my mountain crew.


The first trekking tour on Mount Meru was an absolute scenic treat, although the mountain itself is very steep and should not be underestimated. What made me even happier was having, to my surprise, my dream guide Saidi with me to help me “conquer” the mountain.


The Kili-tour was as expected – strenuous, cold, difficult, exciting and incredibly beautiful. Thanks to my guides, Saidi and Habibu, I made it to the summit. I was on top of the mountain!! A truly overwhelming feeling, that can only be understood by someone who has already been there.
For those who would like to give it a go, I recommend the 7-day Lemosho Route. This route is scenically more attractive and offers better acclimatisation, thus I would strongly advise against the shorter Marangu route. Although you sleep in huts on this route, the summit night is far too steep and long to Uhuru Peak. Well, you can draw your own conclusion.


Sansibar was unbelievably beautiful and really relaxing – a true south pacific feeling!!! Highly recommendable is a trip to Chumbe Island. The hotels in Jambiani are all small, cozy and clean with good food and African flair and therefore to be recommended.