Feedback from Sylvia Metzler

(translated from German into English)

Germany | 13.04.2016

Dear Mr Schmidt,

we have just returned home from a wonderful safari with your company and guide Ernest Josef Nnko. Wonderful because it is such an unbelievably beautiful country and the people are all so friendly. Wonderful also because we had such an impressive guide in Ernest Josef Nnko and he truly made our journey an incredible adventure. He was extremely polite, friendly, attentive, patient and spoke German very well – nothing was impossible to him.

He was able to spot so many fantastic sites including hunting cheetahs, mating lions and the Big Five. He was tremendously eager to learn and inquisitive. He has become very dear to all of us and we think it would be lovely of you to recommend him to other guests as we can warmly commend this young man. Thank you that we were fortunate enough to travel with him.

Warmest regards