Feedback from Stephan Bart

Germany | 02.01.2017

Dear Tanzania-Experience Team, jambo Godlove,

We had the pleasure to make our safari in September 2016, together with Godlove.
We are still spellbound by him and the great nature, which we were able to see. Together with him through the eyes of a nature captivated and nature protecting real professional.

You realize, in the case of our guide, that Tanzania-Experience hires people, which love their job, from a 100 percent perspective.

Our guide was always taking care of all our belongings and safety. We felt very professionally supervised.

Godlove was able to explain us the details of the details from each of the information, we have been asking in relation to the safari. He was able to explain in a very polite, enjoyable and pleasant way.

He was always available, for any kind of support which may have been required during the tour.

As well due to that we had the feeling that our safari was a 100 percent personalized, individual experience.

Tanzania-Experience, congratulation to such a great safari guide. Godlove is an excellent representative of Tanzania-Experience outside in the bush!

Our car was always in a good condition and well maintained, in the morning and evening after the ride (cleaning activity inside the car).

Thanks for letting us travel with him,
Asante sana, Godlove!

Kind regards,