Feedback from Jonathan

United States | 12.03.2017

The safari my group participated in was a 3 day (2d Serengeti/1d Ngorongoro). Lazaro was our tour guide during this time. This was the last few days of an extended African overland trip. By the time this safari began, my wife and I were already travel weary. As excited as we were to have this experience, we also knew the long days would be challenging and getting into a rhythm with a new guide might be difficult. Lazaro proved this untrue almost immediately.

He is a really SOLID guide. His knowledge of all things having to do with the safari, country, and region was excellent. For three full days (about 6a – 9p) Lazaro was always available to answer questions and help us get anything we needed. When one gal in our group wanted to find Tanzanite, he took us to various stores and shared his knowledge on which he thought was best.

On the tours, he was extremely patient while we spent long periods of time taking pictures. His animal spotting skills were top notch as well. He maintained a professional attitude and appearance at all times (and with some of the questions my group was asking Im amazed anyone could do that). He was open to altering the daily schedule to meet the preferences of the group – which meant he had to be ready even earlier for us to go out for the day.
Lazaro was certainly one of the best guides Ive had on any tour, my wife claims he is THE best (a claim I heard echoed by at least one other person from my group).

Lazaro – Thank you very much for making our safari such a great experience. We would gladly recommend you and Tanzania-Experience to anyone who was looking for a great safari experience.