Feedback from Walter

Germany | 25.09.2023

Many thanks to our German-speaking Guide Terry (Terevael Nanyaro) for unforgettable moments and taking such great care of us.


Feedback from Dave Tremp

Switzerland | 27.08.2023

Our safari was great!

Ludo (Ludovic) was simply fantastic! He fulfilled all our wishes and was very supportive. Lots of information about the country, culture and animals. He is very honest and I would give him a raise right away 🙂 The way he dealt with a car breakdown was great as well.


Feedback from Andrew Sill

UK/Thailand | 25.08.2023

Every aspect of the trip was fantastic. A genuinely lifetime family experience. Thank you Arno for your patience and knowledge, the numerous emails and even Zoom calls! And our Guide Eligard was amazing – hard to believe there is anyone better than this guy! Eligard was excellent. Very friendly and super knowledgeable. He went out of his way to ensure we had an amazing time and saw everything we wanted to, taking a genuine passion in his job. Hard to imagine there is a better guide in Tanzania!


Feedback from Danielle

United States | 17.08.2023

A HUGE shout out and thank you to our guide, Erik. Without him, our trip might not have even happened. We got caught at the border without US cash and without his generosity and help, we might still be stuck in Kenya!

Family of Danielle with Guide Erik


Feedback from Christian Berendes

Germany | 15.08.2023

To Tourlane/Tanzania-Experience: Thank you for an amazing and super well organized safari trip during the last week. Finn and I are very grateful to have experienced the wonderful nature of Tanzania, the different lodges and camps and most importantly the fantastic animals. This perfect experience, which we will never forget, is first and foremost due to our fantastic guide Max.

Christian & Finn have dinner with Guide Max