Feedback from Niko, Regina, Lisa and Nils

Germany | 18.09.2017

Safari 6 days (Lake Manyara and Serengeti) with Daniel

Our Tour Guide was Daniel or as we called him Daniel “Schumacher” – because he is an amazing driver and you always feel safe in his car.

Daniel is a German speaking, friendly, funny and experienced guide. He always pays attention to the needs/wishes you have for your own personalized amazing safari. As I told him my favorite animal was the “duma” (cheetah) he was looking out to find as many as possible – actually we saw eight of them, which is pretty amazing. But I guess the more difficult part was the wish from my brother, who wanted to see a “faru” (black rhino). We know that it is an endangered species and that in the Serengeti there are not many of them left – comparing to the size of the Serengeti it sounded nearly impossible. For Daniel, it seemed to be no problem! We were totally impressed not just because he found some, but more impressive was that he spotted them, while he was driving, with only his eyes. For us the rhino was only visible as soon as we took the binoculars. It was one of these unique moments, while we were the only ones watching these rhinos.

Daniel is a very experienced guide, he knows where to spot the animals and he always believes in his own abilities. That’s the reason why we were, most of the time, totally on our own driving around in the Serengeti and not like many other tour cars squeezed all together in a line of ten or even more cars just to spot something. We totally loved this part!

All summed up my family and I are thankful for having Daniel as our Tour Guide and we would totally recommend going on safari with Daniel and Tanzanian-Experience!

Asante sana Daniel! Asante for this lovely experience and asante for teaching us a lot of Kiswahili. The trip was nzuri sana sana sana sana sana! Enjoy your days off with your wife and your watoto tatu.

Best regards Niko, Regina, Lisa and Nils