Feedback from Virpi Keränen

Finland | 21.10.2017

I want to thank you so much, Godlove and Cook, for the unforgettable trip to Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Now I know actually Tanzania is a country of Lion King-movie.

At least for me it is. I never forget this big experience. I saw over 50 lions and a lot of other animals.

Also I got information and stories about everything. I always got answer to my questions and all my wishes were considered. First I thought it’s a pity to go alone, because no one else took Serengeti trip from my Nomad-group. But during the trip I felt like a queen or princess. So well I was treated and so good the whole trip was. I hope I can enjoy this or some other trip in Tanzania also later.

Best wishes to my best crew on board, Godlove and Cook 🙂
Virpi from Finland