Feedback from Erin Gatfield

United States | 06.08.2018

Tanzania-Experience made this truly the trip of a lifetime! Everything went smoothly: 1) the pick-up and drop-off from the airport; 2) the thorough communication before and after our trip; 3) the expertise of the knowledgeable guides with whom we travelled (Witson and Ernest were informative and passionate!); 4) the quality, luxury, and safety of the accommodations; 5) and the variety wonderful food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Jana was amazing! Her response time was extremely prompt and she answered all of our questions very thoroughly with detailed attached information. She frequently suggested solutions to problems that I had not even anticipated such as the airport pick-up and drop-off in the middle of our trip. She is the reason I chose to travel with Tanzania-Experience because of how easy it was to put this trip together!

The prices provided by Tanzania-Experience allowed us to afford a dream Safari in our mid-thirties (rather than long from now only in retirement). I never thought we’d be able to afford such a luxury safari, but we could! Swimming in a pool under the stars, a private jeep safari, and multi-course meals in the middle of the Serengeti were all within reach.

Witson is extremely passionate about the wildlife while on Safari! Not only did he teach us several habits of the animals (such as how cheetahs will hunt in the day or how zebras watch each other’s backs) but he also took care to teach us Swahili words for everything. We enjoyed long conversations about the education system in Tanzania as well as learning history of Tanzania and Zanzibar. By the end of our 5-day Safari we felt he was family!