Feedback from Julian Kleinknecht

Germany | 29.12.2018

Us four did a family holiday in Tanzania and we had the great honour to make a 9 day Safari with our fabulous guide Lazaro. We started at Tarangire National Park and proceeded to Lake Manyara, Serengeti and finally to Ngorongoro Crater.

Thanks to our guide’s great experience and impressive sense for nature and animals we’ve seen all Big Five and had a great time enjoying the beautiful landscape. Also we were fed with lots of useful and interesting information about wildlife, nature and Tanzania in general. The evenings we spent together with great conversations either at lodges or at campsites directly within the national parks.

At the campsite we had our own cook Ramadan, who managed to create awesome meals despite limited equipment. Also muddy roads due to the rain season didn’t bother us thanks to Toyota Land Cruiser and great driver Lazaro.

All in all in was a great Safari and we can definitely recommend safaris with Tanzania-Experience, Lazaro and Ramadan.