Feedback from Carina and Elmar

(translated from German into English)

Switzerland | 13.08.2019

In January 2019, my husband and I experienced the most beautiful honeymoon we could have ever imagined.

Seven incredible days on a breathtaking trip to Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater as well as the Serengeti.

In Lazaro, we had a kind and professional guide by our side. He knew how to give us an understanding of the fascinating symbiosis of nature and wildlife. Lazaro has an extraordinary intuition and a sharp eye. That’s how he managed to spot animals from a distance which we could not even make out from a closer range.

We understood very quickly that our experienced guide was a real advantage compared to other tour guides and we remain grateful for this until today. Thanks to Lazaro’s extensive knowledge we experienced unique moments: watching from up close a family of elephants playfully splash around in the water, observing the famous tree-climbing lions of Lake Manyara and watching a beautiful leopard sleep in the branches right above us.

A great highlight, apart from the wildlife, was our romantic dinner under the seemingly endless night sky at the campfire in the Serengeti, far away from any civilisation. This of course, is only a fraction of the amazing experiences we had during this week.

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to Lazaro for this unique experience. The safari surpassed our expectations by far. This trip through the many-faceted wilderness of Tanzania moved us deeply and showed us Africa in a way we will never forget.