Feedback from Jonathan Zapp

United States | 08.07.2021

I’ve been trying to do this trip for over 10+ years, so it was a realization of a long standing dream. This will rank up there as one of the best family trip we done, and I’m sure the kids will never forget the glory of riding in an open-top safari vehicle through the Serengeti and seeing the veritable plethora of animals roaming around and being almost within arms length from the car.

Zapp Family

Adding Zanzibar at the Karafuu Beach Resort on the end was a great option, as the beaches, the snorkeling, and people were all amazing. Our itinerary was: Arusha – Tarangire – Lake Manyara – Serengeti – Ngorogoro – Arusha – Zanzibar.

Karafuu Beach Resort Zanzibar

The lodges and beach resort we booked were amazing, especially the Kubu Kubu tented lodge in the Serengeti. Sipping wine in the infinity pool, while the sun was setting over the Serengeti was unforgettable. Chaz was an amazing safari guide, and he kept the family safe and happy which was my number one priority. He was very friendly, punctual, and was extremely skilled at finding animals – he even saw a very far off rhino that I thought looked like a dot (we eventually did see a closer view). We are still in awe at being able to see lions, elephants, giraffes and a host of other animals in the wild within 10-15 feet from the safari jeep.

Elephant arm length away

Overall, everything went without any issues as it was a meticulously planned trip by Tanzania-Experience. Tanzania is open and ready to welcome back travelers!