Feedback from Frank Wasel

Germany | 25.10.2023

We were on safari with Ludo and would like to think that it doesn’t get better than this, even if I don’t have experience with another guide to compare. A very pleasant and calm person, who you take into your heart right away.

Frank & Guide Ludovic on Safari

Helpful and his explanations about the country and its people were informative and exciting at the same time. We had a very relaxing and eventful time, not last because of our fellow travellers from Vienna who we met on safari. All was coherent and a perfect fit. Ludo was always mindful to fulfil our wishes. Showing us the Big Five was not only his personal standard, but a matter of honour. Happily again, any time! Whoever gets accompanied by him, can count themselves very lucky. Last but not least, I’d like to mention that he is a very good driver who has his car under control!