Feedback from Yehia Abdel Salam

Egypt | 23.08.2009

It was a lot more difficult than I planned, but the team was great, everyone just wants to help and try their best to take care of you.



Feedback from Lau Sum Yee

Hong Kong | 12.08.2009

Dear Holger, Henning ,
“Seize the Day”, we often hear this cliché from the movie but don’t know what and how to seize it. Going up Kilimanjaro and opening our eyes to the spectacular safaris make us all seize every minutes during this trip.



Feedback from Mohan Pradhan

Australia | 05.08.2009

We had an absolutely marvellous time on our trip in Africa. We were very happy and so were the guides and porters with the tips we gave them! They tell me that they never had so much for tips. I think the guide Batchi was exceptional – and his nephew – shows great potential for the future.



Feedback from Sascha & Herold

Switzerland | 11.05.2008

We were looking for a 3 day safari in Northern Tanzania,as part of a total 10 day visit.
Together with daughter Natalie,who turns 14 this year. We organised our own flights from Zürich to Dar es Salaam and back.
Tanzania Experience organised our inland flights to Kilimanjaro, pick-up at the airport,transfer to Gibb’s Farm Lodge at Ngorongoro, to overnight. One day trip to the Crater, back to Gibb’s Farm.


Feedback from Kim

Australia | 06.05.2008

Dear Tanzania Experience team,

First off I would like to say a big thank you for getting me up Mt Meru and down! It was a brilliant experience and I don’t know if I could have done it without Franco’s mountain guiding help, the chef and waiters scrumptious food. And of course the porters for carrying my backpack from point to point.