Feedback from Tracy Starr

Unknown location | 31.07.2021

Our Travel Expert Arno provided detailed information on COVID testing and protocols, visas, necessary paperwork and generally went well-beyond just arranging an expedition for us. Due to his diligence, we knew what to expect and everything went smoothly. Our Guide Enock is extraordinarily knowledgeable about all types of animals. He was able to answer every question.


Feedback from Jonathan Zapp

United States | 08.07.2021

I’ve been trying to do this trip for over 10+ years, so it was a realization of a long standing dream. This will rank up there as one of the best family trip we done, and I’m sure the kids will never forget the glory of riding in an open-top safari vehicle through the Serengeti and seeing the veritable plethora of animals roaming around and being almost within arms length from the car.

Zapp Family


Feedback from Thomas Honegger

Switzerland | 18.03.2021

We had a wonderful 11 day Safari in Kenya and Tanzania. Both guides were awesome and we felt very comfortable.

Safari in Kenia


Feedback from Edgar Volz

Germany | 08.02.2021

In November 2020, we went on a weeklong safari with our Guide Terry. We visited the national parks Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. It was an absolutely incredible safari! We saw so many kinds of animals and in large numbers such as wildebeest, zebras, and elephants as well as many predators.

Cheetah close up


Feedback from Sabine

Germany | 26.11.2020

We just wanted to thank you for an incredible week on safari. We had guide and driver Lazaro and he was just fantastic. We saw everything, learnd a lot, had so much fun and the Kubu Kubu Lodge was great.