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Rashid Mkuya

Safari Guide

Rashid Mkuya

Together with his family, Rashid lives only a few kilometres from Arusha National Park, sharing his neighbourhood with the occasional buffalo, antelope and many different types of birds. Growing up in a village close to Lake Victoria, he has always loved spending time in nature. That’s why he completed his wildlife studies in Arusha and embarked on the adventure that is safari guiding ten years ago. In 2014, Rashid joined our team at Tanzania-Experience. As father of three, he enjoys going on safari with families, always ready to answer inquisitive and curious questions of the young safari goers. Protecting nature and wildlife is a matter close to his heart as he wishes for his children and the generations to come to be able to experience magical moments in nature.

What our guests say about Rashid:

“Our Safari guide Rashid really made the entire trip a joy. He was patient, attentive to our needs, knowledgeable about all kinds of wildlife, and an excellent driver. He also demonstrated remarkable senses of humour. I was very happy to spend two weeks with him and would do it all again.” Sean from the USA

“Thank you so much to Rashid for sharing your knowledge and for being our ‘father’ for a week. We’ve learnt so much with him and we had so much fun during our trip. It was a great experience and we would recommend it to everybody.” Malissa and Johanna from Switzerland

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