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Small group safari Tanzania

Small Group Safaris in Tanzania

Where your trip is about making connections, not following the crowd


Discover Tanzania with like-minded people: grand experiences in a small group! Our maximum group size is 7 guests plus a guide, travelling in a 4×4 Land Cruiser with a window seat guaranteed. Choose from a range of itineraries to classic safari destinations and hidden gems. Experience a dream Tanzanian safari together with other travellers at an amazing price.

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Who should go

Tanzania Newbies who enjoy travelling in the company of others

Our Tanzania group safaris are the perfect choice for solo travellers, couples, and avid travellers of the world. Our guests tend to be people who are passionate about the natural world and who receive joy from travelling. Importantly, your guide and integral member of your group will make sure that each one of you gets the most out of your safari. If you want to see the highlights of Tanzania at an affordable price while having a personal experience, our small group safaris are for you.

  • Solo Travellers
  • Couples
  • Budget-conscious Travellers
  • Open-minded Travellers
Small group safari Tanzania feedback
A very efficient and friendly service provided by Arno – the booking process was seamless. All information provided was very clear and helpful. The itinerary was a good mix and staying in Serengeti for two nights made for a more relaxing trip. The lenght of tour for us was ideal. We believe the trip was well priced for the overall package.
Helen | UK | Small group safari Tanzania
Serengeti tree at sunset


On Tanzania’s northern safari circuit, you can discover the Big Five, incredible landscapes and stay at personal camps and lodges. Classic safari destinations await you: From the plains of the Serengeti to the Ngorongoro Crater and the Tarangire National Park, dotted with Baobab trees and home to many elephants. Thanks to our sister company in Kenya, we offer small group safaris as crossing-border trips to Kenya as well.

When to go

The most popular time to experience a Tanzanian safari is during the dry season from June to October. Temperatures are pleasant, humidity levels are low, and the chance of rain is minimal. It is the perfect season to witness how vast numbers of prey congregate near rivers and water holes, which encourages predators to base themselves in these areas. However, it is also a busy time on the Northern Circuit. For a more intimate experience with fewer tourists and vehicles around, we recommend travelling during the low and shoulder season months.

Baobab during the dry season

Dry Season

June to late October & December to FebruaryBest time for wildlife sightings; book early

June to late October & December to FebruaryBest time for wildlife sightings; book early

Tanzania experiences a long dry season from June until the end of October and a shorter dry period from January to February. Both are superb times to travel to Tanzania as all the national parks will be easily accessible. Not only are they the best time for a safari, but thanks to the dry weather these two periods are also a great time to experience a tropical beach retreat on the Zanzibar Archipelago. Since it is the most popular time to visit Tanzania, expect to see more safari vehicles in the popular parks on the Northern Circuit.

Green season in Tarangire National Park

Rainy Season

April, May, NovemberIdeal to see a lusciously green Tanzania and fewer other visitors

April, May, NovemberIdeal to see a lusciously green Tanzania and fewer other visitors

This is the season when the landscapes turn green, the sky is clear, and the light is incredible. It occurs thanks to two rainy seasons. The long rains arrive from March to May and the short rains, which are less predictable, happen in November and December. Despite the afternoon thunderstorms, it is a great time to visit Tanzania, because the northern parks remain accessible, the landscapes are incredibly beautiful and there are fewer visitors.



Our intimate group safaris offer nature lovers, both young and old, the opportunity to experience an authentic safari with like-minded people at a very competitive price. If you want to find out more, browse our small group safaris in Tanzania below.



We understand the difference between the feeling you receive from a warm welcome at a small intimate lodge or a beautiful camp, compared to the empty and anonymous feeling that you get from staying in an enormous hotel. This is what makes our group safaris different and special. Not only are group sizes small, but just as importantly, you will be welcomed to a selection of small and intimate lodges and camps. Every part of a safari is an experience to savour. On our small group safaris, you will be welcomed as a guest, not just a room number.

Tents at Serengeti Kati Kati Camp

Serengeti Kati Kati Camp

TWC Ngorongoro Farm House

Tanganyika Wilderness Adventure Lodge

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge Cottage

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge

Highlights on a small group safari in Tanzania

Experience an authentic safari with guidance from experts

We know that a classic safari only feels authentic when you get to discover wildernesses and wildlife from the window seat or roof-top of a specially adapted 4×4. At night the excitement of experiencing the sounds of nature and seeing a plethora of stars, can only be properly sensed in small intimate places to stay. This is what we aim for on our small group safaris: authentic experiences in the middle of nature.

Safari vehicle on game drive during small group safari

Your safari vehicle on our small group safaris - with a maximum of 7 guests, a window-seat is always guaranteed.

Male lion in the Serengeti

We visit classic national parks and you can look forward to many wildlife highlights.

Ngorongoro Farm House accommodation on small group safari Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Farm House - stay at small and personal accommodations during your Tanzania small group safari.

Group eating together at camping safari

We offer Adventure Camping group safaris as well. Spend one full week in Tanzania's great outdoors!

What to expect on a small group safari in Tanzania

Advantages of a small group tour

Rather than feel like a mass market tourist, we want you to feel like an individual traveller. From the point of your enquiry to the end of your safari, our goal is for you to experience this ethos.

We understand the importance of disconnecting from the fast-paced world of urban living, to experience nature in an authentic way. We created our small group safaris so that you can experience a Tanzanian safari with all of your senses.

We achieve this by limiting the size of our groups to seven people. But did you know that if only two travellers book a group tour, that safari will still go ahead? Plus, our guides are not only knowledgeable but skilled in allowing each guest to get the most out of their safari. Best of all you get to share the cost of this intimate experience with your travel companions and travel at a fantastic price – getting back much more in return than you ever imagined.


How to plan a group safari in Tanzania

Planning a small group safari to Tanzania is quite simple and straightforward.

We have designed and planned several itineraries to the most popular highlights and some hidden gems for you to choose from.

Group safaris start and finish on specific dates. Each day is planned out, but with the flexibility to choose some of your activities and how to spend parts of the day.

Travelling with a guide has countless advantages. They are your window to a whole new world and will share their abundant local knowledge about wildlife, plants, and local life with you. Travelling with a guide means handing over all responsibility – you know you will get to the right accommodation, at the right time. Your guide will be a constant source of information and you are likely to part as friends.

Stay safe and comfortable in our custom-designed 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers. Whilst watching wildlife make use of the roof-hatch and guaranteed window seat from where you can achieve excellent photos.

Arrive at small lodges and camps to enjoy exceptional Tanzanian hospitality, great food and a private room with all home comforts.

If you want to learn more, read through our itineraries, or contact one of our country experts who can help you with any query that you may have.


What do you see on small group safaris in Tanzania?

Tanzanian safaris transpire on three circuits. The more remote Southern and Western Circuits, where you can see incredible wildlife numbers on private safaris. And the popular Northern Circuit, which is home to some of Tanzania’s most spectacular national parks. Due to the close proximity of northern parks, our group safaris explore this area. To see the southern and western national parks, book a private trip.

The Northern Circuit has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One is the vast Serengeti National Park, home to stunning and diverse wildlife all year-round; and the second is the incredible Ngorongoro Crater, a spectacular inactive volcano. Other protected areas include Tarangire National Park, an elephant lover’s paradise; and Lake Natron, a soda lake that turns pink in the dry season and hosts ~2.5 million breeding flamingos.

Those hoping to make it to the top of Africa’s highest mountain could consider one of our group treks up Mount Kilimanjaro.

All these parks are accessed from Arusha’s Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), where you will be collected and driven to your first destination.

Guide Tanzania group safari
Great guides

They are your window into a whole new world.

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Exciting wildlife

See the Big Five and many many more of Tanzania's diverse wildlife.

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