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Olivers Camp on luxury safari in Tanzania

Luxury Safaris

Journey to remote parks and leave the rest of the world behind

Luxury Safaris in Tanzania

A luxury safari in Tanzania allows you to disconnect from the world in style with the ones you love. Experience the warmth of Tanzanian hospitality in the most elegant and intimate lodges, complete with romantic bedroom views of the wilderness.

Immersed in the heart of nature, you will enjoy world-class game viewing with deeply knowledgeable local guides. Additionally, our team will work with you to customise every detail of your safari, from the initial inquiry to your safe return home.

Your wake-up call is a gentle knock on your door accompanied by a pot of fresh tea. Bird song and a view of a riverbank with zebra quenching their thirst remind you that you are in Tanzania. Endorphins kick in as the excitement of the day ahead dawns on you.

Sitting comfortably in our customised 4×4 in the twilight morning, the headlights illuminate the track and allow you to watch for any wildlife that may cross in front of you. Arrive at an open grassland plain to see a colourful, inflated hot-air balloon. In the wicker basket, you feel the warmth of the burners as you gently lift off.

Hold your partner’s hand as you watch the sunrise while drifting over treetops and rivers. Below, the wildlife is in full view. After a magical hour’s flight, your balloon safari concludes with a glass of champagne at the landing site, and it gets even better. A short game drive leads to a beautifully prepared breakfast table under the shade of a giant acacia tree, where you can enjoy a delicious bush feast and relive your unforgettable morning.

As heatwaves rise from the land, blurring the space between land and sky, all the wildlife seeks shade. This is a time to return to the lodge to enjoy a massage, relax in the pool, and let your gaze wander across the horizon to reflect on life. African horizons help to clear the mind and give you space to think clearly. This is the gift of disconnecting in nature.

We have years of experience planning exceptional luxury safaris for those with busy lives. Our safaris are designed to give you the best of what Tanzania offers. Discover the ultimate in hand-picked luxury accommodation with our collection of tastefully decorated 4 to 5-star lodges. Enjoy comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, exquisite cuisine, and breathtaking views. We have the best guides who will take you where the action is, allowing you to get the best photos and experience the best of Tanzania.

Best Tanzania Luxury Safaris & Tours



The four-poster bed with soft sheets and a fitted mosquito net provides a cosy and romantic experience. Large windows offer a view of the natural world outside, reminding you that you are surrounded by nature. The night is alive, and you can hear the nocturnal calls from your bed. Be it the distant roar of a lion or the giggles of hyenas.

The ensuite bathroom offers all the luxurious amenities of a five-star resort, but it does more than that. When you turn on the lights or take a hot shower, you are struck by a moment of gratitude in the realisation that despite being hundreds of miles from civilisation, you have hot running water and electricity.

In the stillness of the afternoon, enjoy a spa massage, relax in the pool or find a comfy chair in the shade to enjoy a good read.

The verandas, illuminated by warm lantern light, are special places that forge relationships. They’re perfect for sharing stories and enjoying drinks while staring at the embers of a fire. Above, a myriad of stars fills the sky.

Experience the charm of East African hospitality and an unforgettable safari with exceptional food, high-end accommodations, and a friendly team.

Interior at Gibbs Farm Cottage on luxury safari in Tanzania

Tastefully furnished - a guest cottage at Gibbs Farm in the Ngorongoro Highlands.

Interior at Pioneer Camp

Experience luxury and a closeness to nature at Elewana Pioneer Camp in the Serengeti.

Views across the Serengeti at luxury Pioneer Camp in Tanzania

From Elewana Pioneer Camp you have fantastic views across the Serengeti.

Swimming pool at Gibbs Farm

Some lodge style accommodation like the Gibbs Farm have swimming pools.

Luxury safari camp Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

Experience a true luxury safari in Tanzania at Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge.

Luxury safari Tanzania at Nomad Entamanu Ngorongoro

The mess area and view at Nomad Entamanu at Ngorongoro.

Walking safari organised by luxury safari Oliver's Camp

Some luxury safari camps like Oliver's Camp offer walking safaris.

Walk across Gibbs Farm in Ngorongoro Highlands

Gibbs Farm also offer walks on their farm grounds to learn more about the local way of life.

What to expect on a luxury safari in Tanzania?

How to plan a luxury Tanzania safari

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or have a hectic lifestyle, planning a safari to connect with nature might seem like one job too many. Fortunately, we’re here to assist you and make the process as easy and convenient as possible. You can participate as much or as little as you prefer. We will assist you from the moment of inquiry to when you get home.

You can look at a sample itinerary or send us a brief bucket list of what you hope to experience on your safari. Once we know where you want to go and what you want to see, we’ll take care of all the details for you. We can help you customise every aspect of your safari, whether you’re training for an Iron Man and need to stick to a specific diet or you’re simply looking to unwind and relax by a pool or at a spa. Or, for a truly immersive experience in the wild, you can choose a Mobile Explorer Camp.

When creating your bucket list, consider unique ways to take your safari to the next level, such as a magical balloon safari, a fly-in safari to remote parks, a migration safari, or a bush breakfast or dinner.

With the safari planned and prepared, all that’s left is for you to look forward to the experience. You’ll soon discover that a luxury safari isn’t just about the elegant accommodations, delicious food, and attentive staff in stunning locations. It’s also about leaving the rest of the world behind by exploring remote parks with few visitors and disconnecting in the heart of nature.


What will you see and do on a luxury safari in Tanzania

You can read an overview of Tanzania’s national parks or our recommendations below.


The Northern Circuit

Northern Tanzania has diverse geographical formations, including dormant volcanoes, soda lakes, glacier-capped mountains, and vast open grassland plains, where year-round game-watching in picturesque landscapes is possible.

When exploring the north on your luxury safari in Tanzania, don’t miss the chance to witness the large elephant herds at Tarangire National Park. Or descend into the world’s largest unbroken crater at Ngorongoro Conservation Area to spot the Big Five amidst stunning scenery. Or marvel at the expansive open grasslands and rocky islands called Kopjes at the Serengeti National Park, where you can witness the wildebeest migration and extraordinary wildlife.

The northern parks not only offer luxurious accommodations but also unique activities, such as a one-day walk to the Shira Plateau, Mount Kilimanjaro’s oldest and lowest peak.

The Southern Circuit

The southern parks are unique as they are the convergence point for the flora and fauna of the northern as well as the southern hemisphere. As a result, you will encounter a wide variety of plants, birds, and animals. Remote and off the beaten track, these stunning parks receive fewer visitors, ensuring a private safari experience in spectacular landscapes. Perfect for your luxury safari in Tanzania!

Mikumi National Park is a great place to start. The park’s open savannahs, acacia trees, and mountain backdrop create a beautiful setting. It is home to a vast array of wildlife, including elephants, buffalos, hippos, lions, leopards, hyenas, and rare species like the Sable Antelope and Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest. Birdwatchers will also appreciate the 400 resident bird species.

Further south, the scenery transitions to tree-lined rivers and baobab landscapes. The Ruaha National Park and Nyerere National Park/The Selous are exceptional national parks where visitors can escape city life in luxurious accommodation. For nature enthusiasts, these parks offer the opportunity to see rare animals like the Black Rhino and beautifully patterned Wild Dog. An exceptional safari awaits, but experiencing a balloon safari in Ruaha and boat safaris in Nyerere will take your adventure to the next level.

The Western Circuit

We highly recommend that you consider visiting the western parks for an exceptional luxury safari. These parks are remote and can only be accessed by small planes, offering you a rare chance to explore areas that few others have had the privilege of visiting.

In the western region, you’ll have a very private experience and encounter plentiful wildlife unhabituated to human presence. You’ll stay in world-class accommodation and have the opportunity to explore these parks before they undergo any significant changes.

Katavi National Park is an outstanding destination located in a vast wilderness. For the Wabembe people, this park is more than just a home; it is the resting place of their god, Kabati. As you explore this beautiful park, you’ll understand why this landscape is held in such spiritual esteem. Inaccessible by vehicle, you’ll fly in to discover vast plains, miombo forests, lakes, a winding river, distant mountains, and incredible wildlife.

The Mahale Mountains National Park and Gombe Stream National Park are equally special and remote. Both are nestled on the white beaches of Lake Tanganyika and offer the perfect balance between relaxation and activities. From a Dhow, you can enjoy sundowners on the lake while taking in the tropical paradise surrounding you. A forested shoreline rises steeply to form mountains where you can trek to encounter chimpanzees, swim in plunge pools of cascading waterfalls, and snorkel in the lake’s crystal-clear water.

One of our country experts would be delighted to help you plan your dream safari.

Witson Safari Guide
I would like to make a special mention of our EXCELLENT tour guide – Witson Nanyaro. With his extremely courteous, calm manner we felt safe and comfortable at all times. Even when the road was bumpy and uneven, he drove us safely and with foresight through the Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks. He knows his job very well and you can see that he is very passionate about it. With his incredible knowledge about the animals, nature and culture of Tanzania, he answered all kinds of questions or shared his knowledge with us. Witson is also not too shy for a joke and so a wonderful atmosphere was created during our adventure.
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