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1,666 km² (643 mi²)



Best time to visit

June to October and December to February

The classic tropical beach getaway

On Zanzibar holidays, experience the clear turquoise ocean, where dhow-boats fish traditionally on the Swahili Coastline. Long white beaches with palm trees just out of reach of the ocean's waves offer the chance to relax in style. Located 35km from mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar is a dream destination for a romantic post-safari beach getaway or honeymoon. Enjoy world-class accommodation, such as beachside cottages, eco-lodges on remote islands, and luxury hotels with spas and pools. Snorkel the reefs, scuba dive with Whale Sharks, and discover the rich cultural history during a spice tour or visit to Stone Town, a World Heritage Site.

Zanzibar beach palm trees

Zanzibar Holidays: Explore tropical beaches & rich cultural heritage

The spice island of Zanzibar is the crossroads between Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It offers beautiful tropical beaches and a range of places to stay with stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of two main islands, Unguja (commonly known as Zanzibar) and Pemba, as well as approximately fifty smaller islands, where you can discover palm-fringed white sandy beaches that stretch into the warm turquoise waters and invite visitors to unwind and soak up the sun. These idyllic features make Zanzibar holidays a popular honeymoon experience.

Located only 35km from the mainland, these beautiful islands offer the chance to experience an authentic safari and a tropical beach retreat in a single trip. A smooth transition from mainland safari to island beach is achieved by flying from Arusha to Zanzibar. Consequently, nature lovers can opt for a safari and beach package. While the adventurous can choose a Mount Kilimanjaro climb and beach package.

African, Arab and European settlers have influenced the rich culture and intriguing history. Travellers who embark on a spice tour or explore the historic streets of Stone Town, one of the few remaining ancient African cities, will discover how the spice trade brought immense wealth to those in power. This prosperity allowed for the construction of elaborate palaces, forts, and prisons on the islands. However, delving deeper into the archipelago’s history reveals a dark shadow – the trade of thousands of enslaved people and countless elephant tusks for ivory.

Today, the historic centre of Stone Town, situated on Unguja Island, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover cobbled streets, intricately carved doorways, and vibrant colours of Zanzibari clothing. Magnificent Sultan’s palaces and grand Arab houses, winding alleys and bustling bazaars give visitors the feeling of being immersed in the world of Sindbad and Alibaba.

Zanzibar holiday destinations to choose from


  • The North Coast. Located approximately 50 km north of Stone Town, you will discover a once-sleepy fishing village called Nungwi. Today, it is a popular beach destination. It is also one of the only places to see the sunrise and sunset over the ocean. The beaches in Nungwi offer excellent snorkelling opportunities from the shore. Mnemba Island, only 30 minutes away by boat from Matemwe, is a fantastic location for diving or snorkelling in Zanzibar.
  • The East Coast. This island’s east side is very popular amongst visitors seeking a tropical paradise with its miles of palm-fringed beaches. Compared to other regions of the island, the coral reef on the east coast is at its furthest distance from the shore. If you want to go snorkelling, you can easily arrange fun boat trips to the reefs from Pongwe, Jambiani and Paje. The latter is also famous for kitesurfing.
  • Chumbe Island. Experience nature at its best on Zanzibar holidays, far away from any form of civilisation and modern infrastructure. Chumbe, an award-winning island, is a 45-minute boat ride from Stone Town and offers secluded pristine beaches. It is surrounded by a biodiverse coral reef, now a protected marine park, and presents an excellent diving and snorkelling opportunity. Its eco-friendly and sustainable setup makes it perfect for nature enthusiasts yearning for the ultimate Robinson-Crusoe feeling.

Tanzania has many other beautiful beach destinations, including the southern Mafia Island and lesser-known mainland beaches like Bagamoyo and Pangani. For a unique experience, visit the Saadani National Park, where the savannah meets the ocean.

Zanzibar map
dry season

The Spice Islands

Zanzibar’s tropical climate and fertile soils led to a flourishing spice production industry, bolstered by its strategic location as a trade point between East and West.

dry season

Stone Town

Stone Town is an ancient coastal trading city that has preserved its historic architecture, reflecting the diverse cultural influences from Africa, Arabia, India, and Europe that have shaped this archipelago.

dry season

Zanzibar Red Colobus monkey

The Jozani-Chwaka Bay Biosphere Reserve is a habitat for mangroves, tropical forests, and salt marshes. It supports abundant marine life, 168 bird species, 291 plant species (21 are endangered) and the Zanzibar Red Colobus.

Zanzibar holidays hammock

Zanzibar holidays offer you a classic tropical beach getaway.

Stone Town buildings

You can also learn about the island's history in Stone Town.

Traditional dhow sailing boat Zanzibar

Traditional dhow sailing boats are often seen on the shoreline.

Seafood restaurant on the beach

There are many good seafood and other restaurants along the beaches of Zanzibar.


Best time to go to Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar is during the two dry seasons: June to October and December to February. The weather in Zanzibar is warm, with low humidity and hardly any rain. It’s the perfect time of year for a safari or trek in Tanzania, followed by a relaxing beach retreat.

Zanzibar experiences two rainy seasons: the unpredictable short rains between November and December and the long rainy season from March to May, during which heavy rainfall can occur.

January and February can be hot with rising humidity levels, but it’s an excellent time for scuba diving. Spot Humpback whales from August to September, while Whale Sharks and Green Turtles can be seen from September to February.

dry season

Dry Season

June to October

Ideal period for a safari followed by a beach getaway.

rainy season

Green Season

November & March to May

Best season for fewer visitors and lower rates.

Why to go

Spoilt for choice – a diverse holiday destination

The Swahili Coastline is an ideal destination if you’re searching for a tropical beach retreat. Zanzibar, in particular, is a cluster of stunning tropical islands easily accessible from mainland Tanzania. This offers a once-in-a-lifetime safari followed by a tropical beach getaway.

Today, the trade winds that brought merchants from far and wide throughout the archipelago’s history are used by local people who fish traditionally in beautiful white-sailed dhows and by modern-day kitesurfers. The outlying reefs provide the chance for excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. And spice tours allow you to discover the island’s history in a unique way.

On Zanzibar beach holidays, you will find world-class accommodation on palm-fringed shorelines, only a few meters away from long white beaches, allowing you to listen to waves crashing on the shore as you drift off to sleep. While there, you’ll experience exceptional hospitality, delectable seafood and the fusion of Zanzibar cuisine.

Finally, the Zanzibar culture, particularly in Stone Town, is rich and captivating, providing a sensory experience that transports visitors far from their daily lives.

Zanzibar hotel view
Feedback Zanzibar Holidays
The last week we spent at a beach resort on the east coast of Zanzibar, with marvelous food and good service. The island had also various attractions both on the coast & inland to keep our kids happy. Thanks to all involved to make this trip an unforgettable one.
Snyder Family | USA
Stone Town Zanzibar
Stone Town

Visit the ancient African city of Stone Town.

Spices shop
Spice Tour

Discover the origins of your favourite spices during a spice tour.

Traditional dhow sailing boat
Dhow Cruise

Take a traditional dhow out to a reef to snorkel.

Seafood Melia Zanzibar

Let your taste buds run riot whilst tasting delicious seafood.

Beach sport The Loop
Beach & Water Sports

Enjoy other beach & water sports, from kayaking, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, deep-sea fishing, to water skiing, parasailing and jet skiing.

Things to do

Get active or sit back and relax

From history to water sports, relaxation and cuisine – Zanzibar holidays offer different activities for couples and families.

  • Stone Town
  • Spice Tour
  • Dhow Cruise
  • Scuba Diving
  • Seafood
  • Beach & Water Sports
star fish beach
Around 500 marine species

The Indian Ocean surrounding Zanzibar is home to ~500 marine species.


An underwater world is waiting to be discovered

When snorkelling, you can observe sea urchins, colourful starfish, sea horses, lionfish, angelfish, clownfish, pufferfish, cuttlefish, octopus, moray eels, green turtles, and bottlenose dolphins. If you decide to go diving, you may encounter hawksbill turtles, eagle rays, manta rays, whale sharks, humpback whales, tuna, snapper, wrasse, and several sharks on Zanzibar holidays.

Where to stay in Zanzibar

Blue Oyster Hotel Zanzibar

Blue Oyster Hotel

Casa Beach Hotel

Casa Beach Hotel

The Loop

The Loop

Kholle House Stone Town

Kholle House

Boutique Hotel Matlai

Boutique Hotel Matlai

Melia Zanzibar

Melia Zanzibar

Spice Island Hotel and Resort

Spice Island Hotel & Resort

The Zanzibari

The Zanzibari

Z-Hotel Nungwi


Ocean Paradise Resort

Ocean Paradise Resort


Zanzibar archipelago lies 35 km from Tanzania, and you can reach it by taking a short flight from Arusha or Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar Airport (ZNZ). The airport is located on Zanzibar City’s outskirts, making it easy to reach Stone Town or your preferred beach retreat. Visitors to Pemba Island can fly from Arusha, Dar es Salaam, or Zanzibar to Pemba Airport (PMA) to reach their destination. There are numerous excellent accommodation options available throughout Zanzibar. If you book your Zanzibar vacation with us, we’ll manage all your transportation needs across the islands.

Your safari adventure before relaxing on Zanzibar

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