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Tailor-Made Safaris

Private Tanzania safari holidays

Tailor-made holidays and safaris in Tanzania

Imagine standing on an African escarpment with your loved one, overlooking vast plains. The setting sun paints the rippling clouds a beautiful shade of orange. A gentle breeze drifts over the grasslands as you sip your favourite ‘sundowner’ beverage.

That morning, you boarded a small aircraft to fly into the park you’ve longed to visit. After settling into an amazing accommodation, you embarked on a private game drive to witness world-class wildlife up close. Tomorrow, your adult children will join you, fresh from trekking Mount Meru, to enjoy a safari together. Your adventure concludes by relaxing on the beaches of Zanzibar. This is one way to celebrate a significant event, like a wedding anniversary.

Designing your dream safari in Tanzania has never been easier with our team of experienced and service-oriented travel experts. We take pride in meticulously handling every detail to create a tailor-made experience to suit you. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Watch a herd of elephants quench their thirst on a boat safari in Nyerere National Park/Selous. Enjoy a delicious champagne bush breakfast in the Ruaha National Park, having just experienced a magical balloon safari. Look in the eyes of our closest living relative, the chimpanzee, during a trek in Gombe Stream National Park. Immerse into nature in remote Katavi National Park. Unwind on the stunning beaches of Lake Tanganyika in the secluded paradise of Mahale Mountains National Park.

As we live and work in Tanzania, we can easily organise almost any tailor-made holiday. Contact our country experts to make your dream safari a reality. We’ll assist you from inquiry to your departure home.

Best Tailor-Made Safaris in Tanzania - Sample Itineraries



On a tailor-madeTanzania safari, travellers can choose one standard of accommodation for their entire trip or mix and match from the following options.

A Lodge Safari offers the opportunity to stay in exceptional lodges and permanent tented camps, many of which feature stunning views and swimming pools. A Luxury Safari is perfect for those seeking an even more luxurious experience.

For those who crave a deeper immersion in nature, an Adventure Camping Safari or a Mobile Explorer Safari is for you. If you’re interested in trekking Mount Meru or Mount Kilimanjaro, the mountain accommodation consists of shared huts or private two-person tents, depending on your chosen route.

Chem Chem Tarangire Camp

Tented Camps like Chem Chem near Tarangire offer tranquility and closeness to nature.

Room at the Escarpment luxury lodge on tailor-made Tanzania safari

You can add highlight accommodations like the Escarpment Luxury Lodge to your tailor-made itinerary.

Walking safari with Kichaka Camp

Camps like the Kichaka Camp offer walking safaris and other activities for tailor-made Tanzania safaris.

Mobile Explorer Camp setup on tailor-made Tanzania safari

To enjoy complete privacy, book our Mobile Explorer Camp.

Group of friends campfire on tailor-made Tanzania safari

Tailor-made Mobile Explorer Camp safaris are great for groups of friends.

Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge location tailor-made Tanzania safari

Many camps and lodges - like the Kubu Kubu Lodge - are located in stunning settings.

Ngorongoro Farmhouse in Tanzania

On tailor-made Tanzania safaris, you can also opt to stay at lodge accommodation like the Ngorongoro Farm House.

Campsite on Adventure Camping Safari

To go back to basics, join one of our tailor-made adventure camping safaris.

What to expect on a tailor-made safari in Tanzania?

Tailor-made safaris provide an exciting chance for travellers to veer from the usual path by creating a unique and personalised itinerary.

  • If you love birds, Tarangire National Park is perfect, as it is home to around ~550 species. After that, head to Lake Natron, where you can witness breeding flamingos. To wrap up your bird-watching adventure, fly to Mahale Mountains National Park. There, you can observe aquatic and tropical forest birds while relaxing on the beaches of Lake Tanganyika.
  • If you’re passionate about African wildlife, consider Mikumi National Park. You can visit the Black Rhino sanctuary at this park and see rare Wild Dogs running free with views of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. After that, fly into the remote Katavi National Park to see some of the best wildlife sightings in the world. To wrap up your adventure, snorkel with Whale Sharks off the coast of Zanzibar.
  • If you’re interested in exploring Tanzania on foot, a one-day Shira Plateau hike to Mount Kilimanjaro’s lowest peak is a picturesque way to start your trip. Then, travel to the Ngorongoro Highlands to start a beautiful three-to-five-day walk to Lake Natron. After all that hiking, relax in Saadani National Park with a morning game drive and a gentle afternoon walk along the tropical beaches.
  • If you want to travel as a family with older children or as a group of friends, but you have different interests, that is no problem. We can organise a Spice Tour for foodies and Scuba Diving for the adventurous. Or a trek to Sanje Waterfall in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park and assemble for an ultimate safari at the Ruaha National Park.
  • If you dream of the perfect honeymoon safari, stay in a remote lodge with bedroom views of the riverbanks. In the morning, you can set off on a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti National Park to watch the sunrise. Then, pass the day together by relaxing in a pool with panoramic views. Enjoy a romantic bush dinner for two at night with the starry sky above.

When you arrive in Tanzania, one of our exceptional guides will be waiting with a customised 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser to take you safely on your safari.


Our Tanzania travel experts

We have a team of passionate country experts who love designing unique tailor-made safaris across Tanzania. They have a deep-seated passion for Africa and years of experience exploring Tanzania. To continually be able to provide guests with accurate information, they regularly visit new destinations to keep their local knowledge up-to-date. This is what differentiates us from a typical tour operator.

To start planning your trip, please share your budget, number of people, preferred dates and length of stay, and any other desired activities with one of our travel experts. Alternatively, if you need inspiration for things to add to your itinerary, the following section will help you.

Once a country expert has an idea of your dream safari, they will prepare and send you a proposal, which you can customise until your heart is content. When your dream trip has been designed, all that’s left is to confirm the booking.


How to plan a private safari in Tanzania

Some of our guests know how they want to customise their safari. If this is the case for you, you can speak directly with one of our country experts, who will be delighted to help you finalise the details.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can start by reading an overview of the best time to visit, where to go, and what to do whilst on safari in Tanzania. Alternatively, you can read an itinerary and make any desired changes.

If you want to add a bush walk or a trek to your itinerary, our trekking overview can give you several good ideas. If you have a Migration Safari in mind, planning a year in advance is recommended. Other special interest experiences include a Fly-in Safari, a Photography Safari, or a Birdwatching Safari.

Many guests end their safari with a beach retreat in Zanzibar. Alternatively, you can explore where the savannah meets tropical beaches at Saadani National Park.

When you are ready to plan your safari, contact one of our country experts, who will happily work with you until every detail is perfect.

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