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Hiking and trekking in Tanzania

Hiking and Trekking in Tanzania

Experience Tanzania’s highest mountains and remotest areas on foot

Your hiking and trekking adventure in Tanzania

Trekking is the best way to experience the wonders of Tanzania’s stunning mountainous areas and absorb the wonderful nature and beautiful views.

Tanzania offers diverse trekking experiences, from summiting the highest peaks to exploring the lush forests on the lower slopes. With volcanoes, plateaus, mountain ranges, lakes, and craters, there are plenty of superb short or long treks to suit every ability level.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain or trek Mount Meru, with abundant wildlife on a stunning stratovolcano. You will discover unique flora and fauna in incredible forests, heathlands, and alpine deserts on both mountains.

What makes us the right choice

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Quality Equipment

We supply high-quality equipment. You can even rent personal equipment from us.

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Experienced Mountain Guides

They bring you to the top and safely back down again.

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Group & Private Trips

Join a group climb or travel with your friends and family only.

Best Tanzania Trekking & Hiking Trips



Tanzania offers a range of incredible places to stay.

Day treks are concentrated around the northeastern city of Arusha and the town of Moshi, where you can find hotels, guesthouses, and lodges in nature. From here, you can enjoy a guided walking safari through Arusha National Park to get up close to the wildlife. Or you may prefer to relish the easy-paced Shira Plateau trek to climb Mount Kilimanjaro’s lowest and oldest peak.

On multi-day mountain treks, you stay overnight in shared huts on Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro’s Marangu route. If you prefer to climb any of Kilimanjaro’s other three routes, private two-person tents are set up by our dedicated mountain teams before you arrive at each campsite.

Trekking Tanzania mountain tents Kilimanjaro

On most Kilimanjaro routes, you overnight in two-person mountain tents.

Tanzania trekking accommodation mountain hut

On Mount Meru, you sleep in shared simple mountain huts.

Rivertrees Country Inn Usa River

There are different options in and around Arusha and Moshi as starting and end point for your hiking trips. Like the Rivertrees Country Inn.

What to expect on Tanzania trekking & hiking trips

You can expect two types of experiences depending on whether you are hiking or trekking in Tanzania.

Hiking in Tanzania

Despite its stunning natural spaces, day hikes are – at first sight – somewhat limited when going on safari in Tanzania. It is in the nature of a classic safari that you will be vehicle-bound for most of your time. However, some national parks and camps do offer bush walks: accompanied by a guide or ranger, you walk in the vicinity of the camp for a few hours, taking in the sounds and smells and colours of the Tanzanian bush. These walks are often more about the small animals and plains game than about big game. A feeling of great respect for the natural world will likely accompany you right from the very first step.

If you go on multi-day hikes, you will always be accompanied by a guide or ranger. Provisions such as food, water and equipment are usually carried by donkeys. Unlike in Europe or Southern Africa, going on hikes unaccompanied is not common for foreign visitors. Most hikes take place in protected areas and require a conservation fee to be paid. This, combined with the cost for rangers and crew can make multi-day hikes pricier than you might expect. However, we like to think the experience will exceed your expectations by far.

Trekking in Tanzania

If you plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru, having a mountain guide with you is mandatory. We have our own dedicated teams on these mountains. Therefore, we can arrange for you to have a guide, porters, cook and all necessary equipment. Our teams will not only take you to the top but bring you safely back down again.

Tanzania offers some enjoyable hikes and treks. Below are some regional highlights.

Where to go hiking in Tanzania?

The Northern Circuit

Experience African wildernesses with all senses and form long-lasting memories whilst enjoying a unique guided walking safari at Arusha National Park, or Tarangire National Park.

If staying overnight on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater, we recommend a short walk to the viewpoint to enjoy incredible views of the world’s largest caldera.

For those short on time, experience the Shira Plateau Hike – a one-day Kilimanjaro National Park hike across the Shira Plateau. Our transfer driver takes you through the mountain park, the hike then starts at 3500m. You walk across the plateau to Shira Crater to be rewarded with sweeping views of Kibo Peak, Tanzania and Kenya.

The adventurous can trek to the summits of Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru. Both are extraordinary experiences. Mount Meru, in particular, is lesser known, yet spectacular. It offers the chance to trek through intriguing landscapes surrounded by African wildlife. Moreover, fewer people choose to trek Mount Meru, and it only requires four days to complete, giving you ample time afterwards to enjoy a safari or beach retreat.

Even hikers without summit ambitions will love Tanzania. On an exciting three-to-five-day trek through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to Lake Natron, you will experience the Masai culture and their way of life.

Other mountains in northern Tanzania are Mt Lomalasin (3,648 m), Mt Hanang (3,417 m), Ol Doinyo Lengai (2,878 m) and Mt Longido (2,637 m). In the northeastern Usambara Mountains, you can visit breathtaking lookout points and enjoy multi-day hikes.


The Southern Circuit

In southern Tanzania, you can go hiking through untouched nature with endemic flora and fauna.

The Ruaha National Park and Nyerere National Park/Selous Game Reserve have been described as some of Africa’s last remaining wildernesses. In this area, you can see fauna and flora of both East as well as Southern Africa. Consequently, you will discover a vast diversity of plant and animal life during an unforgettable guided walking safari or bush walk.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park is home to 30-40% of Tanzania’s plant life and two endangered primates – the Iringa Red Colobus and the Sanje Crested Mangabey. The park can only be accessed on foot, creating a peaceful experience in nature. It is the perfect stop-off on the Southern Circuit. You can start by visiting Mikumi National Park, then drive to Udzungwa Mountains National Park to trek the mountain’s peak or to Sanje Waterfall. Afterwards, continue your safari to the southern parks.


The Western Circuit

The western parks are rarely visited natural wildernesses that offer world-class experiences in nature.

Those who love wildlife will fall in love with Katavi National Park. It is not only enormous but rarely visited. Here, you can enjoy a guided walk and see vast numbers of predators and prey.

Mountain treks in western Tanzania offer something fascinating and unique. On the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika, forested mountains rise away from the lake’s white beaches, leaving you with the impression that you are in paradise. Here, you will find two remarkable mountainous national parks – Mahale Mountains National Park and Gombe Stream National Park – offering luxury accommodations. Getting here by short flight and boat ride is an adventure. Both parks are havens for unique birds and primates and can only be accessed on foot, making for incredible hiking.

In Gombe Stream National Park, you can get close to one particular troop of chimpanzees. Thanks to years of companionship by researchers like Jane Goodall, this troop are habituated to humans. This allows you to get up close and look into the eyes of our closest living relative. Whilst there, visit the small village of Ujiji to see where Stanely found Dr. Livingstone in 1871.


Where can you go mountain climbing in Tanzania?

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Without a doubt, Tanzania’s best-known mountain and the highest mountain in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro, which peaks at 5,895 m. There are six official climbing routes to the top, and trekking durations vary from six to nine days, with an optional extra day for altitude acclimatisation. On our Kilimanjaro Trekking tours, specialise in four routes: Marangu, Machame, Lemosho and Rongai.

Trekking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is challenging, but you do not have to be a seasoned mountaineer to conquer it. All you need is the fitness and determination to reach the top. Every step of the way, our mountain team will encourage you and give you a helping hand if necessary. They have climbed the mountain hundreds of times and are dedicated to ensuring your safety. After successfully climbing to the summit, they will guide you back down safe and sound.

The experience will be unforgettable, whether you opt for a private trek with your chosen companions or want to join a scheduled group trek with up to ten fellow adventurers. Choose the Marangu route to stay in shared dormitory-style huts or the other three routes to enjoy the privacy of two-person tents. The summit is yours for the taking – are you ready to rise to the challenge?


Climbing Mt Meru

Mount Meru, located in the Arusha National Park, is less known but just as attractive as Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru’s peak rises to a height of 4,566 m and is only 80 km from Mt Kilimanjaro. The mountain slopes offer natural shelter to numerous animal species, such as elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, baboons, colobus monkeys and antelopes, making for an astonishing trek in nature.

Embarking on the journey to reach the peak of Mount Meru is an exciting challenge. The Momella route, a four-day trek, takes you through a lush forest with abundant wildlife and passes natural wonders like the hollow fig tree and Malo Falls. As you climb higher, the heathland and alpine desert zones greet you with unique vegetation and stunning views of the national park. Even novice trekkers can conquer the few climbing sections towards the final stage. As you traverse the horse-shaped crater rim, there are panoramic vistas of the Ash Cone and nearby Mount Kilimanjaro.

You must be determined and in good physical shape to reach the summit. Fortunately, our dedicated team of mountain experts, including a guide, porters, and a cook, support you every step of the way. The experience of climbing Mount Meru is an unforgettable adventure set amid beautiful African landscapes.

Interested in Guided Safaris?

Have a look at our guided tours, if you want to get to know Tanzania’s wildlife together with a local guide.

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