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Tailor-made Tanzania & Zanzibar honeymoon experiences


Tanzania and Zanzibar are home to some of the world’s finest honeymoon destinations. Together they offer a the perfect combination of experiences: enjoy an unforgettable romantic safari and wrap it up with a tropical beach retreat in Zanzibar. Our customised trips cater to your special moments, such as honeymoons, anniversaries, and other celebrations, ensuring that you enjoy wonderful luxury safari and beach experiences in carefully chosen and serene locations.

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Who should go

Romantics seeking to combine the excitement of a safari with a relaxing beach getaway

We create one-of-a-kind Zanzibar and Tanzania honeymoons tailored to each couple’s preferences: from a romantic bush dinner under the stars in the Serengeti, to balloon rides across the vastness of Ruaha and barefoot luxury on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Nature lovers can choose beautiful destinations in breathtaking landscapes. For those looking for a secluded experience, a private guided safari or a fly-in safari to stay at some of the world’s most remote accommodations located in the heart of nature could be for you.

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"Amazing trip, support, food, hotel and guides! Tanzania-Experience supported my husband and I during our honeymoon and made that everything was perfect. I really have nothing to complain, just thank them for everything!"
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Kirurumu Tarangire Camp landscape


With one-third of Tanzania’s land dedicated to conservation, you can choose from multiple destinations for your honeymoon experience that are all special in their own right, from remote tropical rainforests teeming with butterflies to vast savannahs dotted with Acacia trees. The Zanzibar archipelago has stunning beaches where you can lounge on a sunbed or embark on water sports activities. In Tanzania, you can expect an exceptional safari and beach retreat.

When to go

You can visit Tanzania all year round, but there are some important things to consider. Tanzania does not experience summer and winter. Instead, it has two dry seasons and two rainy seasons. The main dry season occurs from June to October. Importantly, it is the period with the best weather for a safari and a beach break. However, it is also the busiest time of the year – book early or venture off the beaten track to more secluded areas instead.

Couple and guide at West Kilimanjaro

Dry Season

June to late OctoberBest for great weather and wildlife viewing

June to late OctoberBest for great weather and wildlife viewing

Tanzania’s main dry season is the ideal time to plan a honeymoon to Tanzania. The weather is not too hot and there is little to no chance of rain. Additionally, humidity levels are low during the day, making it comfortable. This extended dry period attracts wildlife to water sources and the vegetation is not as dense, allowing for easier wildlife viewing. The short dry season in January and February is also an excellent time to visit Zanzibar, with fantastic diving conditions. Be aware that it can get quite busy in the Northern Circuit parks as well as on Zanzibar during this time. For a more secluded experience, travel during the shoulder or low season or choose less visited parks.

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Green Season

March to MayIdeal for experiencing parts of popular parks with fewer people

March to MayIdeal for experiencing parts of popular parks with fewer people

March to May marks the season of the long rains in Tanzania. The South-East Trade Winds are responsible for this phenomenon, carrying moisture from the Indian Ocean inland. The short rains between November and December are typically less predictable. Afternoon rain showers are common during the short rains, but they are unlikely to affect your honeymoon. Both the long and short rainy periods transform Tanzania’s landscapes into lush greenery. While game viewing may not as easy as during the dry season, you will have a more exclusive experience with fewer other visitors.


By now, you may be convinced that Tanzania would be the perfect location for your honeymoon. Find inspiration in our tour itineraries and then contact our travel expert to tailor them to be your picture-perfect honeymoon trip.



You may be in the middle of nature, but Tanzania’s safari destinations offer incredibly luxurious accommodations – even and especially the tented camps. These accommodations are truly spectacular, situated in the heart of nature with breathtaking views. Some camps also have amazing pools, providing the perfect way to unwind after a morning game drive. Meanwhile, on the coast, guests can enjoy views of the beach and fall asleep listening to the gentle sound of waves breaking on the shore. Finally, as you will discover Tanzanians take great care to ensure that every detail is attended to.

Oliver's Camp

Oliver’s Camp

Gibb's Farm

Gibb’s Farm

Lemala Kuria Hills Camp

Kuria Hills Lodge

Highlights of a Tanzania & Zanzibar honeymoon safari

What to expect on your honeymoon in Tanzania

On a honeymoon to Tanzania and Zanzibar you can mix and match to create your perfect trip: a private guided safari, romantic sundowners on cliff tops, a hot-air balloon safari that gently drifts over the canopy of trees, a private bush dinner under the stars, and snorkelling on coral reefs.


Guided road safari honeymoon

While you spend the game drives together with your guide, you still have lots of privacy on your Tanzania safari honeymoon.

Two people watching an elephant on their honeymoon in Tanzania

Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Tent at Lemala Ngorongoro honeymoon safari

The Lemala Ngorongoro Camp - honeymoon accommodations in Tanzania offer natural luxury.

Mwezi hotel on Zanzibar honeymoon

After your exciting safari, relax on the beach on your Zanzibar honeymoon.

How to experience your Tanzania honeymoon safari

It’s best to be guided by knowledgeable and skilled Tanzanians in specially adapted 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers. Depending on your budget, you can opt for an intimate group safari, a private safari, or a fly-in safari that takes you to secluded destinations. We have compared a fly-in safari versus a driving safari on our Getting to Tanzania page.

When visiting the national parks in Tanzania, it’s important to note that there are hardly and signs to guide you in the right direction, making navigation quite challenging. Additionally, parks can be quite far apart and driving styles may be unfamiliar. For these reasons, we generally do not recommended to embark on a private self-driving safari.

When deciding on where to go, you have the option of exploring the northern, southern, and western circuits. While parts of the northern circuit may be busy from June to October, the southern and western circuits still offer secluded options.

How to experience your Zanzibar honeymoon

When planning a honeymoon to Tanzania, it is more than convenient to conclude a safari with a visit to the tropical beaches of Zanzibar. This archipelago, situated only 35 km from Tanzania’s coast, comprises over 50 islands and is a captivating semi-autonomous region. Its location has been hotly disputed for centuries, making it an excellent destination for those interested in exploring its rich cultural heritage.

The three main islands, Unguja (commonly known as Zanzibar), Pemba, and Mafia, all have amazing beaches and accommodations. Let one of our country experts assist you in finding the perfect place to stay.

Typically, following a final scrumptious breakfast in the bush, you will board a small plane to Zanzibar. Upon arrival, you will receive a warm welcome and be taken to your beach retreat where you can enjoy the barefoot luxury life.

Whether you want to swim in the Indian Ocean, explore the reef on a boat ride, dive with whale sharks, or simply unwind on pristine white sand, the opportunities are endless.

How to plan your Tanzania honeymoon package

Planning a special event requires attention to both small and large details. You’ve worked hard to ensure that every aspect of your ceremony is perfect, and you deserve to enjoy your honeymoon without worrying about last-minute travel arrangements. That’s why we recommend reaching out to one of our passionate travel experts, who can take care of the hard work for you. Simply provide them with a brief overview or list of your desired honeymoon, and they’ll tailor it specifically to you as a couple. Our experts will be with you every step of the way, from planning to the end of your trip.

What to see and do on romantic getaways in Tanzania

A honeymoon is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, and Tanzania is fortunate enough to offer an abundance of unique and memorable experiences.

A Guided Safari

There are various types of guided safaris, such as group, private, and fly-in safaris, each with its unique features. However, one thing that is consistent across all our safaris is exceptional wildlife viewing.

A Fly-in Safari

For a truly unforgettable honeymoon, consider a fly-in safari. Why spend your precious time driving in a 4×4 between parks when you can fly into remote, beautiful and rarely visited regions of Tanzania? Stay in luxurious accommodations and experience the wonder of Tanzania’s wildlife and secluded landscapes.

A Balloon Safari

The name does not do justice to this experience. Arrive before the break of dawn to climb into a basket and be warmed by the burners. As you rise over the plains you watch the sunrise over Africa. With the burners off you drift silently over incredible landscapes to watch the wildlife below. It is a magical experience.

A Private Bush Supper

A table for two under countless stars and surrounded by only the sounds of nature has to be the most romantic dinner on the planet. Amazing food in the middle of nowhere will also make your tastebuds very happy.

Coastal Experiences

Zanzibar offers a variety of activities such as relaxing, snorkelling on the coral reef via boat, participating in a half-day spice tour, touring conservation areas, exploring the historic Stone Town, and scuba diving.

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Wildlife Experience

Secluded and exclusive safari experiences.

Mwezi Boutique Hotel Zanzibar honeymoon
Beach Getaways

Relax on the beaches of the Indian Ocean.

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Tanzania-Experience safari vehicle

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