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Tanzania 4x4 vehicle lodge safari

Lodge Safaris

Immerse into nature and discover Tanzania's national parks on an authentic safari

Tanzania Lodge Safaris

Create memories that will last a lifetime by experiencing an authentic East African safari with your loved ones. You travel together with an experienced guide in our 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers and stay at personal and comfortable camps and lodges in the middle of nature.

Different types of lodge safaris

Our itineraries are designed to suit every type of safari and budget. Private Tanzania lodge safaris allow you to customise every detail of your itinerary, which is perfect for honeymooners, photographers, birdwatchers, or families.

Alternatively, join a small group safari with like-minded people at a lower price. Our groups are limited to seven guests and a guide, so you will have a guaranteed window seat in our 4×4 vehicle.

No matter your choice, you can expect the same intimate safari in beautiful destinations with our fantastic team.

Upon arrival at a remote lodge or permanent tented camp, you will be greeted with warm familiarity. A refreshing welcome drink awaits you before being escorted to your room, offering a serene view of the savannah, waterhole, or river. Meticulously prepared, including hot showers, you will experience one of the most romantic rooms of your life.

Enjoy sundowners around a campfire as the sun sets, followed by an exceptional dinner and warm hospitality amidst the symphony of nocturnal sounds.

You can combine a Tanzania safari with a tropical beach retreat to the nearby Zanzibar archipelago, famous for its coral reefs and sandy beaches.

Game drives on Tanzania lodge safaris

The following morning, you’ll wake to a fresh pot of tea and prepare for a thrilling adventure. Dressed in a warm fleece and with a blanket over your legs, you set off into the dawning morning with our expert guides behind the wheel of our customised 4×4 vehicle.

Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting encounters ahead. Be it a charismatic family of tail-high fleeing warthogs, hyenas chasing a cheetah off its kill, or a beautiful serval cat pouncing on its prey in the long golden grass. Take unobstructed photos of these destined encounters through the roof hatch.

As the sun rises higher in the sky, you’ll stop briefly under the shade of a giraffe-sculpted acacia tree to scan the horizon. Take a moment to reflect on the fantastic experiences you’ve had so far and what may lie ahead. The movement in the vast grassland plain could be a herd of graceful Impala, Thomsen’s Gazelle, or a foraging Secretary Bird.

On your way back to the lodge and its inviting pool, you could pass a pride of lions sleeping in the shade, bellies full and content from their morning meal. They raise their heads lazily to look at you, then at a passing herd of buffalos before nestling their head into the grass to continue digesting the morning’s kill. A distinctive call from an African dove seems to make them drift back to sleep.

The best places for a Tanzania safari

We specialise in creating unforgettable Tanzania itineraries and tours. Our authentic safaris take you to world-renowned parks, such as the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, which offer UNESCO-grade experiences on the Northern Circuit.

We also offer tours to lesser-known Southern Circuit parks like Ruaha National Park and Nyerere National Park/Selous Game Reserve, where you can enjoy world-class game-watching in beautiful and remote wildernesses.

Best Tanzania Guided Lodge Safaris



The sweet melodies of singing birds, the deep rumble of communicating elephants, the breathtaking views of the vast savannas and towering mountains under a huge African sky – accommodations in Tanzania are designed in harmony with nature so your safari continues well into the night long after your game drive has ended. They give you a feeling of belonging in the natural world and a comforting sense of home. On our tours and itineraries, you can select from two types of accommodation:

  • – Safari lodges that are constructed aesthetically from natural materials and offer beautiful pools. Or,
  • – Luxurious permanent tented camps that immerse you in nature.

All the lodges and camps are intentionally designed to be small and intimate, providing a warm welcome as a guest rather than just a room number.

Guest tent at Nyumbani Collection

Guest tents like this at the Nyumbani Tented Camp in the Serengeti offer beautiful accommodation and closeness to nature.

Ngorongoro Farm House accommodation on Tanzania lodge safari

The Ngorongoro Farm House - a lodge style accommodation.

Mess dining area at Katavi Wildlife Lodge

The dining area at Katavi Wildlife Camp - expect a restaurant style service and setup.

Lake Burunge Tented Lodge interior

Tented Camps like the Burunge Camp offer a comfortable safari experience.

Campfire relaxing on Tanzania lodge safari

After a long day on game drives, you can share stories around the campfire.

View from guest tent at Kati Kati Camp

Some tented camps like Kati Kati Serengeti may seem a bit more basic but you are right in the middle of nature.

What to expect on Tanzania lodge safaris?

During the day, you will explore the wilderness with a guide in a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser. Large windows and a roof hatch give you an unobstructed view of the wildlife. Additionally, several USB ports are available to charge your devices.

A safari is only as good as the guide accompanying you. Thankfully, our exceptional guides have a deep understanding of nature and are a great source of local knowledge. They will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your safari, and you will likely part as friends.



After an exciting day of game drives, you will be welcomed upon your arrival at the lodge or tented camp. Once you have settled into your room or private tent, take a relaxing warm shower to freshen up before dinner.

Enjoy a pre-dinner drink from well-stocked bars and meet other guests to exchange stories. In the dining room, relish a delicious three-course menu or a buffet-style feast.

Some of the Tanzania safari lodges inside the national parks are unfenced. That’s why after dinner, you will be escorted to your room by a night-watchman. In your room, you will discover solid flooring, real beds with good linen, a fitted mosquito net, and a spacious bathroom. After a good night’s sleep, a hearty breakfast will prepare you for your next adventure.

You can enjoy this experience on a small group safari or a private safari. A group safari is the right choice for solo travellers or if you prefer sharing the experience with a small group of like-minded people. A private safari is perfect if travelling with your family or friends and you like to have your own private vehicle. You can also choose the departure date, the duration, the places to visit, and the accommodation standard.

If you want to make your safari even more unforgettable, add a range of day activities to your itinerary. These include a magical balloon safari ending with a champagne bush breakfast, a guided walk to observe chimpanzees, and many more. In Zanzibar, enjoy a spice tour, snorkelling, or scuba diving with whale sharks.


What will you see and do on a lodge safari in Tanzania

In the heart of nature, a table for two is prepared for dinner under a sea of stars. Lanterns create warm light, and the sound of a crackling fire accompanies the calls of the night. A wide-eyed Bushbaby comes down from the canopy and appears to check if everything is picture-perfect. Still glowing from having watched the sunset, you arrive hand-in-hand to enjoy the most romantic dinner of your life. This could be the first night of your honeymoon.

Unique happy moments like these only feel real when shared. That is why lodge safaris are ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries, and family experiences. These extraordinary African moments, disconnected from the bustling world, forge relationships, and create lasting memories. Luckily, there are numerous places to experience an authentic safari. You can read an overview of the best parks or the summary below.


The Northern Circuit

This an exciting region with exceptional game-watching in astonishing landscapes.

Tarangire National Park is a fantastic starting place: Here, you can see one of Tanzania’s largest populations of elephants along the life-giving Tarangire River.

Ngorongoro Crater offers a stunning ecosystem and abundant wildlife, including the Big Five, at the base of the world’s largest unbroken crater.

The famous Serengeti National Park, with rivers, vast grasslands, and abundant wildlife, is a great safari destination year-round.


The Southern Circuit

If you’re a nature lover searching for secluded parks, southern Tanzania is a beautiful region to explore. This area is a melting pot of fauna and flora of the northern as well as southern hemisphere, resulting in outstanding diversity.

Mikumi National Park, located a short distance from Dar Es Salaam, has wide-open savannahs dotted with acacia trees where you will see four of the Big Five, with only the rhino missing.

Ruaha National Park is home to a tree-line winding river, where a large number of predators and prey can be observed in heart-stopping moments of life and death. Additionally, visitors will see large herds of elephants resting under the shade of towering baobab trees.

Nyerere National Park/Selous Game Reserve is home to the Big Five and rare species like the African Wild Dog and Black Rhino. It has few visitors and is an exciting boat safari destination.


The Western Circuit

Journey to western Tanzania for a one-of-a-kind safari in national parks that are so remote they can only be accessed by small planes.

Mahale Mountains National Park and Gombe Stream National Park are stunning parks on Lake Tanganyika’s white-beached shoreline. Visitors can hike to witness spectacular waterfalls and lake views, swim in plunge pools, and spot primates and diverse birdlife.

If you love African wildlife, don’t miss Katavi National Park, home to abundant predators and prey. This park is still undiscovered, yet its lodges are world-class. If you’re willing to venture where others don’t, you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable safari experience.


Bird, Boat, Bush-Walking and Photography Safaris

Private Tanzania lodge safaris are perfect if you have a particular interest. Whether it’s a Birdwatching Safari, Photography Safari, or Migration Safari, you’ll have the opportunity to witness amazing animals and breathtaking landscapes. You can also opt for a thrilling boat or a walking safari to get close to the wildlife. Our travel experts are always available to assist you in creating your dream safari.

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We did the 7 days "Best of Tanzania Safari" in October / November 2023 and visited Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, staying at different lodges. Even weeks later we are still overwhelmed by the impressions, experiences and interactions with people in Tanzania as well as by the diversity of wildlife and the nature we experienced.
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