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Written by: Webmaster on 4 December 2019

My 5 favourite tented camps in Tanzania

Tented Camp in Tanzania

On a recent trip around the country, our colleague and travel expert Natascha visited numerous accommodations in Tanzania’s stunning wilderness areas. Inspired and knowledgeable about which tented camps she recommends to her guests, she shares her favourite 5 with us.

1. Dunia Camp – in the Central Serengeti (Asilia Camps)

Dunia is my absolute favourite tented camp in Tanzania!  Its ambience and décor are beautiful, and the designers had a great eye for detail. It feels stylish but at the same time cosy – bookshelves, board games, quality finishes, it was just lovely.

Dunia Tented camp Tanzania

But Dunia Camp is not just pretty on the outside. It is a place of empowerment, managed and run exclusively by women. In the low season, they invite children from the nearby village to experience and connect with nature. Luxury and consciousness in one camp, what more can you ask for.

Dunia Tented camp Tanzania

2. Kichuguu Camp – in Tarangire National Park (Chaka Camps)

Kichuguu – the Swahili word for termite mounts – is a very new semi-permanent tented camp, built in 2017, and very stylish and modern.

Kichuguu Tented camp Tanzania

I have a good eye for design and must say, that I liked the look and feel of Kichuguu a lot. It has 11 tents only; all set up quite far apart which allows for maximum privacy. We felt very welcome and the staff were so hospitable.

Kichuguu Tented camp Tanzania

It is located just 45 minutes from Tarangire Gate and right around the corner from the airstrip. All in all an amazing tented camp.

3. Pakulala Safari Camp – overlooking the Ngorongoro Crater (East Africa Camps)

The views of Pakulala are absolutely fantastic: The camp towers above the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater and from the mess tent and campfire area you enjoy views into the caldera.

Pakulala Tented camp Tanzania

It’s a small and personable camp which I love. We enjoyed the beautifully prepared food, the hot water bottle in bed (it can get chilly in the Ngorongoro area) and the nicely decorated tents. It felt comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

Pakulala Tented camp Tanzania

4. Kati Kati Tented Camp – in the Central Serengeti (Tanganyika Wilderness Camps)

Kati Kati is a mobile camp in the Serengeti and a favourite among our guests. And I can see why! The tents may be basic, with a simple bed and minimal decorations.

Kati Kati Tented Camp Tanzania

But this simplicity is exactly what creates an absolutely magical atmosphere at night. Sitting at the campfire, only a few lanterns giving additional light, and listening to the sounds of the wild – that’s an experience I will never forget.

Kati Kati Tented Camp Tanzania

Its stunning location and love for the wilderness is what sets Kati Kati apart and makes it a unique experience. One of my favourite tented camps in Tanzania for sure.

5. Kananga Special Camp – in the Central Serengeti (Kananga Camps)

The first thing I noticed when visiting Kananga Special Camp was its location: while many camps are situated within a forest, surrounded by bushes, Kananga sits on an open field. Which means you have open views wherever you look.

Kananga Specia Tented Camp Tanzania

The whole set up is very open and airy, but they still managed to hang some beautiful paintings on the few walls in the camp. Management and staff were very friendly and hospitable. I really enjoyed my stay here.

Kananga Special Tented Camp Tanzania

If you are looking for the best tented camps in Tanzania, get in touch with us – Natascha and her team will share their very own experience and find the perfect fit for you.

Author: Webmaster

Through his work on the websites and with the offered tours, our webmaster is learning more and more about eastern Africa. Thereupon, he has been on safari in Kenya and Tanzania repeatedly, climbed the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro and third-highest peak of Mt Kenya and visited the sandy beaches by the Indian Ocean. He also lived and worked in Tanzania. Not only does he know HTML, he speaks German, English, is almost fluent in Kiswahili and have basic knowledge of Zulu. Feedback about the website is welcomed by the webmaster.

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