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Written by: AK on 22 November 2017

Your private mobile safari: camping amongst buffaloes and bush babies

Mobile Camping Safari

On our mobile explorer safaris, we take you to deep into the Tanzanian bush. Setting up camp on private special campsites, it’s just you and the wild. And no one else. It’s an adventure of a kind for those seeking the original safari experience – authentic, private, unadulterated.

Our Sales Manager Arno recently spent two nights on a mobile explorer safari in Tarangire National Park. We caught up with him to find out what exactly it is that makes this private safari so special.

In what way is a mobile safari different from other safaris?

On a mobile safari, you are completely off the beaten track and disconnected from the rest of the world. It is the purest form of safari you can find. The main difference is of course the accommodation. While on other safaris you share the campsite or lodge with other travellers, on a mobile safari you are completely by yourself. The only living beings you will share your campsite with are the animals. Even the staff is kept to a minimum. The simple fact of being away creates a unique and authentic experience.

Why do travellers seek the off-the-beaten-track-experience?

Because it is almost impossible to find! I have stayed in tented camps in the Serengeti, which felt very remote. But even there, you will always have someone else sleeping in the tent next to you, you will always share a dinner tent with other guests. At the Mobile Explorer Camp, there is simply no one else far and wide. There are no other people. And I think this is very rare in today’s world. Many people live in cities. When they look out of the window, they see another house; when they leave the house, they see another person on the street. Remoteness and open spaces have become very rare and precious. Getting away from it all has become nearly impossible. The African bush is one of the last places you can find it.

How close to nature do you actually get, even on a private mobile safari?

Closer than you can imagine. On our first evening, we had just had dinner and were now sitting around the campfire. Our Guide Ernest shone his torch into the bushes and hundreds of eyes looked straight back at us. Buffaloes! We quietly stood up, walked towards a tree and he shone his light again. Suddenly, the buffaloes started moving. Thousands of feet drumming on the ground. I could feel the vibrations in my whole body. I will never forget the drumming of their hoves.

The buffaloes were nearby the whole night and we could hear them grunt and snort. A hyena also joined in. Their call is very distinct, echoing through the cold air.

Once the buffaloes had moved on, we walked to another tree, right next to our tents. All we could make out were two bright eyes in the branches. And they were moving, they were flying in fact. Bush babies were jumping from one branch to the next – a sight you would never experience on a normal game drive.

Staying at the Mobile Explorer Camp is like a never-ending safari. When night falls and everyone else has gone home, you are still there in the wild amongst the animals.

Did you have any safety concerns?

None at all. I was more excited than anything else. While the campsite is private and essentially just a patch of land with no permanent structures, it is still an official campsite, authorised by the national park. They choose spots that don’t interfer with the animals’ territories. Yes, it is unfenced and yes, animals will roam through camp once you have gone to bed, but as long as you follow the rules of your guide, you will be fine. You’re in nature, so you have to respect nature. One morning when I showered under the Baobab tree, there were bees flying about, attracted by the water. I just kept doing my thing and so did they. You are nature’s guest and you have to behave like a guest – then you will not have any problems.

Who would enjoy a safari in the Mobile Explorer Camp?

Anyone who wants to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with nature. Anyone who is looking for the pure, the original, the authentic safari experience. You have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t expect too much luxury and please: don’t ask for the wifi password!

Join us for a memorable private safari in our Mobile Explorer Camp and experience the true meaning of safari. We’ll take you deep into the bush, let’s go!

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