Tanzania Experience Launches Unique New Luxury Camping Safari

Boasting iconic, picturesque and game-rich destinations such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, a tour around Tanzania’s Northern Circuit is a dream come true for safari enthusiasts.

Now Tanzania Experience has launched a unique new product that allows clients to enjoy these safari stalwarts  from a more intimate and unadulterated perspective.

The so-called ‘Pure Remoteness, 6 Day Mobile Explorer Safari’ is a luxury private camping option that will take you away from the crowds and public campsites and take you right back to the golden era of safari, just as it was in Ernest Hemingway’s day. No fences, no buildings, no electricity, no noise pollution: just pure African wilderness


While the Mobile Explorer Safari may be a winner for the wilder at heart, impeccable service and food remain a key feature of this new package as with all of Tanzania Experience’s offerings.


The dedicated support team will set up your tents and the elegantly furnished mess tent before your arrival at each new private camp and welcome you with hot towels and a cold drink after every game drive or trip between the destinations on your itinerary, while your experienced private chef will conjure up hearty breakfasts and spectacular three course dinners on an open fire every morning and evening (a  packed lunch is normally enjoyed out and about).


Your spacious tents are equipped with comfortable beds, side tables and battery-operated lamps.  Deck chairs and a wash basin with hand towels are set up in front of your tent, whilst you will find a private toilet and private bucket shower behind the sleeping tent. If you advise your waiter as to when you would like to shower they will ensure that the overhead bucket is filled with hot water from the fire.

The six day itinerary will take you first to Tarangire National Park, which is particularly well-known for its large elephant populations and huge baobab trees.

Next stop is the small but beautiful Lake Manyara National Park, where you’ll see large colonies of flamingos amongst a number of other water birds and other game.


From here it’s a short drive into the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, which is one of UNESCO’s Seven Natural Wonders and is aptly nicknamed the Garden of Eden due to its unparalleled density of African mammals and rich biodiversity. Ngorongoro is also famous for the semi-nomadic Maasai who share this protected area with the wildlife.


From Ngorongoro you’ll drive into the wide open plains of the Serengeti and enjoy one of the remotest private camps on the whole itinerary, as well as the striking rock formations and vegetation, the abundance of big cats, and, at the right time of year, the famous wildebeest migration.


In all of the parks and conservation areas you’ll visit you will be taken on a number of private morning and evening game drives with one of Tanzania Experience’s knowledgeable guides in a customized and perennially reliable Toyota Land Cruiser.


In another unique personal touch, on arrival in the country Tanzania Experience’s operations team will put you at ease by giving you a briefing in person on anything else you might need to know before embarking on your once in a lifetime East African safari.



This special new Mobile Explorer Safari offering is not to be missed, so book now to enjoy the kind of African adventure that dreams are made of.